Posted on 2.6.2016

Bringing high performance to containers and microservices with

Here at UpCloud, we talk about performance every single day and for the last several years, we have put a lot of hard work into developing our in-house storage technology; MaxIOPS. We think it brings a whole new level of performance and reliability to cloud services and our customers seem to agree with us!

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Bringing UpCloud’s high performance to containers and microservices

So when we met the people at Kontena and saw what they were working on, we thought this could be something that would work really great together: UpCloud’s unrivalled performance and reliability thanks to our distributed, low latency and fault-tolerant infrastructure with Kontena’s developer-friendly and easy-to-use containers & microservices platform running on top.

Kontena quickly added support for deploying and managing containers with UpCloud, using our fully featured but simple to use API, and today we are very happy to announce our partnership with them!

Kontena has developed a really developer-friendly container and microservices platform, which allows anyone to deploy and manage containerized apps at any scale. It’s completely open source and includes all components required to manage applications and services at scale with ease: Multi-AZ deployments, load balancers, a secure vault for storing secrets and a lot more.

Janne Ruostemaa


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