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Key learnings and insights from CloudFest 2024! 

Celebrating its 20th year, CloudFest 2024 sure did bring the party! Uniting almost twelve thousand cloud experts, the event was a true celebration of the past, present and future of internet infrastructure. Team UpCloud was blown away by the depth of knowledge, expertise, and passion for cloud technology. Thank you to all who came to […]

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CloudFest 2024 meet UpCloud: The best cloud you’ve never heard of! 

Book a meeting with our team there! Team UpCloud is thrilled to attend this year’s CloudFest, situated right in the heart of Europe, where France, Germany, and Switzerland meet. Making the journey from our Nordic headquarters, we want to share with you why UpCloud is the best cloud you’ve probably never heard of! Yes, it’s […]


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UpCloud x Junction: Promoting innovation through collaboration

At UpCloud, we’re relentless in our pursuit of performance, data security and sovereignty, and we love nothing more than collaborating with other businesses who share these values. That’s why we’re excited to share details of our partnership with Junction – a non-profit organisation that serves the tech community and brings computing to everyone from their […]

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Share the joy of free credits on UpCloud with our Referral Program

We want to remind you of UpCloud’s Referral Program, allowing you and your network to enjoy free credits. Get started today!  Better with friends  The referral program is our way to reward our enthusiastic users. By recommending UpCloud, you will receive €50 in free credit, and your friend will receive €25 to get started on […]

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WordCamp Singapore 2019 in retrospect

We at UpCloud believe that bringing brilliant minds together can spark new amazing ideas, and love to be able to take part in paving the road for the future. Conventions, events, and meetups introduce a social aspect to industries that otherwise often work in solitary. Perhaps that is why technology groups often hold the best […]

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Community events in retrospect: Slush Singapore, SWITCH & upcoming!

After a busy month in Singapore with enough tech events to satisfy anyone's taste, here is a little retrospect on the recent interesting events and an open invitation to another upcoming conference.

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Community events in retrospect: WordCamp Nagpur, JrDev Singapore Meetup & more!

We are always excited to take part in community events around the world and here's a quick recap of some of the best events.

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Visit us at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2018

The mobile games industry has been growing fast much thanks to the booming smartphone market and there is clearly an audience for a conference such as the Pocket Gamer Connects.

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Join our referral program: Give a friend €25, and get €50 yourself!

UpCloud is growing fast and with so much happening it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of everything. Our success is much thanks to our dedicated users and we want to take a moment to give something back. So today, we are happy to introduce our referral program! Better with friends The referral program is our […]

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