Posted on 11.1.2018

FI-HEL2: Second Helsinki data center now available!

New Helsinki data center

FI-HEL2 Helsinki data center is here. After launching data centers in Singapore and Amsterdam, our never-ending world tour takes us back to Finland. Today, we are excited to announce that the year 2018 is starting on a high note with the opening of FI-HEL2, a brand new data centre in Helsinki!

FI-HEL2 provides the same extraordinary performance our users have come to expect with the same pricing as our existing data centre in Helsinki. Having a second data centre in one zone provides new opportunities. A common use case is to increase reliability and performance using highly available load balancers. Check out our tutorial on how to achieve that with HAProxy!

You will find that FI-HEL2 is already available at your control panel when deploying a new cloud server or imaging an existing one. Alternatively, you always have the option to deploy servers directly with our API or by using one of the many supported open source API client libraries available on GitHub.

The world tour continues…

Our team has grown a lot this year with a ton of great talent and we are hiring! Make sure to check out our open positions if you’d like to be part of building the world’s fastest cloud. We are also already looking to open up data centres in more regions, so let us know where we should go next by tweeting us at @UpCloud!

Janne Ruostemaa


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