Posted on 25.5.2020

Hanna Tuomisto: In digital marketing, you face constant change

UpCloud's Digital marketing manager Hanna Tuomisto

Hanna’s primary responsibility at UpCloud is digital marketing in social media. She plans, develops and optimizes our paid social media campaigns, and makes UpCloud visible to new potential users. Like the whole Marketing team, Hanna is relatively new in the company. But in just 5 months, she has built UpCloud’s entire social media marketing strategy.

Working in marketing is not a typical childhood dream? When did you know it was the right place for you?

I never thought that I could get paid for working with social media. I think I decided to give it a try during the last year of my studies. But I didn’t know anything about paid social media until I started working in a global media agency in 2018.

How did you become a part of UpCloud?

I hadn’t heard about UpCloud before my current manager Ulla, who knew me from my previous work, reached out to me. At the time, I was looking for a new job and she was building a global marketing team at UpCloud.

Do you find it difficult working for a tech company?

Sometimes, since I’m not a tech person and I don’t know much about coding. So in the beginning, I found it challenging to market to tech audiences. But I learned it fast thanks to the help from my team and other departments. The community and support is great at UpCloud.

What do you love about your job?

I love that my manager gives the whole team so much responsibility. We can freely develop our fields, test and try out all the new ideas. If I come up with something, I can do it without having to ask if that’s okay and without someone always looking over my shoulder. I feel that my professionalism is being appreciated.

How does your typical workday look?

It depends, of course, on what we are working on. But typically, I start by checking all the social media platforms. Seeing how our campaigns are performing, if there is something I need to fix. Then, I talk with my team, we review our open tasks. By the way, I really love ticking off the task boxes!

How do you get yourself into the flow while working?

I’m not a fan of the current situation where I have to work from home. I can concentrate much better on my work tasks at the office. If I really want to focus, I put on headphones with my favourite music and ignore whatever is going around.

What makes an excellent digital marketing manager, in your opinion?

First, you have to think analytically. You can’t just come up with an idea because it feels right. There has to be some data behind it.
It’s also necessary to understand all different social media channels and what kind of content works in each of them. You can’t copy-paste the same campaign from one channel to another.
And finally, you have to be curious about what’s going on in different media. You need to follow the trends, continually develop yourself and adjust to the ever-changing environment.

Are any of the emerging social media channels suitable for UpCloud to expand to?

At the moment, I’m looking into what new social media could be interesting for UpCloud in the Asian markets. I’m really excited about learning about the new channels and testing them out.

What makes UpCloud’s culture different from what you experienced before?

We have a very flat company structure. If I want to talk to our CEO, I just go and knock on his door, and I know that whatever I have to say will be heard.

If you could switch places with anyone at UpCloud, who would it be?

I think it would be someone from the development team. I’d love to see how our products and services are created, what the work behind them is. It might help me to understand them better.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I am a very active person, I like jogging and going to the gym. But there are also times when I just want to lie on the couch and watch TV or read books. I guess I’m trying to find the balance between the two.

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