Posted on 7.6.2017

Introducing the official UpCloud Go API client

We have always been dedicated to offering an extensive and powerful API to allow applications to integrate with the UpCloud services. The API can be accessed using any programming language with the necessary HTTP libraries but requires some experience to get going. To help kickstart a new line of integrated applications, we are excited to announce official support for the UpCloud Go API client.

Introducing UpCloud Go API client

The API client is written in Go, an open-source programming language, which has become popular especially among web developers. Go language aims to make it easier for developers of any background to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

The Go API client allows easy application creation and simplifies integration with the UpCloud API. Using the client, you can take advantage of the features in a modern interface to quickly build applications for the UpCloud services.

The Go API client repository can now be found at our GitHub:

At the repository, you can also find examples of user authentication, server and template creation, firewall rules, as well as other important functions.

Bringing the Go API client to UpCloud’s GitHub

The Go API for UpCloud was originally community developed by Nord Software and has been available on GitHub for some time. We are now finally bringing the client in-house for further development while continuing our partnership with Nord Software. This is done to ensure timely updates and latest features as we continue to develop the UpCloud API.

All links to the previous repository location are automatically redirected to the new location. However, to avoid confusion, we strongly recommend updating any existing local clones to use the new repository URL.

Get started with the Go API client

If you have not used the Go API client before but would like to learn more, head over to the repository to check out the install instructions and the example use cases.

Remember to check in regularly at the UpCloud GitHub page for updates and new supported software as we continue to build our library.

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