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UpCloud and VENOM, CVE-2015-3456, Security Vulnerability

Yesterday, on Wednesday 13th, 2015, Crowdstrike announced information regarding a security vulnerability they had discovered in the floppy disk controller on QEMU. The vulnerability allows an attacker to escape the confinement of the Virtual Machine guest operating system and gain privileged access to the host machine. Since a key component of security in virtualised environments […]


New service improvements: More configurability and control

Before the month is over, we want to highlight some of the recent cloud service upgrades we have published. Many of these upgrades and features are a direct result of the feedback you have given us. Please keep the feedback coming in the future as well and thank you for helping us build a better […]

Product Updates

Bigger Is Not Necessary Better: AWS vs. UpCloud

One of the most common questions our customers ask us is that how we can compete with the likes of Amazon Web Services (AWS) on price as they have economies of scale on their side.


New feature: IPv6-support now available in all service areas

As you may have already noticed, we’re a very technically oriented bunch here at UpCloud. Our developers and infrastructure teams have worked intensely yet again and we are very proud to announce full support for IPv6 on UpCloud. This functionality is now available for all servers in all our service areas. IPv6 is a protocol […]

Product Updates

Customer Showcase: Digital Hammer’s Zeta Fighters

Digital Hammer - a bunch of "fearless mobile game developers from the North" - is a Finnish indie mobile games company set up in late 2013.

Guest stories

UpCloud’s New Support Site Published

We are glad to inform you that UpCloud’s Support documentation has been published today! The documentation covers basic usage of our service and many advanced features such as resizing storage, using a live-cd or a server image of your own. We also plan to keep releasing tutorials on using UpCloud and setting up different services […]


UpCloud recognised as one of Finland’s most potential companies in 2015

UpCloud was recognised by Talouselämä, the largest Nordic weekly business magazine by circulation. Talouselämä carried out its annual study into the most promising new companies Finland has to offer. This study cuts through the hype and looks at real metrics, such as revenue growth and the company’s potential going forward. Each year, the magazine highlights 20 companies […]

Vision and culture

Customer Showcase: Cabforce

Cabforce - a Finnish technology and services company is the leading provider of pre-booked, flat-rate taxi booking solutions.

Guest stories

Looking forward to a great 2015

Last year was a blast for UpCloud. We had tremendous customer growth, and some really exciting additions to our product portfolio as well as most competitive cloud pricing. Needless to say, this year we are developing our service and its features even further. We do not see ourselves as a “yet another IaaS platform” and […]

Vision and culture

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