Simplified cloud infrastructure: Unveiling four new products

At UpCloud, we’re thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of four new product offerings designed to further empower developers and businesses globally. Returning to our roots and building from developer to developer, these new products are a direct response to our community’s valuable feedback.

With the success of our recent zero-cost egress initiative, we’re excited to introduce new products that our users genuinely need and want while continuing our mission to simplify cloud infrastructure services. Each new offering reflects our commitment to delivering the necessary building blocks for our users, ensuring they have the best possible resources to drive their projects forward.

“We’re not just launching new products; we’re reshaping how developers engage with cloud environments.

By broadening our product range and removing barriers such as egress fees, we are setting a new standard for what developers can expect from their cloud provider.”

Joel Pihlajamaa, founder and CTO

Our new upcoming offerings

  • Developer plans: Cloud servers tailored for developers seeking cost-effective solutions for testing and development workloads. Starting next week, users can deploy cost-efficient developer plans designed to fit various needs without compromising quality.
  • Standard tier storage: Answering the need for a balanced price-performance storage solution, our new Standard tier offers SSD-based block storage with a solid 10,000 IOPS performance and up to 4TB storage sizes. It provides a perfect middle ground between our high-performance MaxIOPS and cost-efficient Archive (previously HDD) storage options.
  • Cloud-native plans: Specifically crafted for modern cloud-native applications, these flexible server configurations are designed to support dynamic workloads with a pay-as-you-go model. This ensures that you only pay for the resources you use, with options specifically tailored for Kubernetes environments.
  • VPN Gateway: Use secure site-to-site IPSec connections effortlessly, linking your UpCloud infrastructure directly to external networks such as corporate networks or other cloud providers. Ideal for businesses that require robust and secure communication without the burden of managing your own VPN solution.

Zero-cost egress: Foundation for freedom and flexibility

Building on our promise of eliminating barriers in cloud computing, the May 2024 introduction of zero-cost egress across all services eliminates the financial unpredictabilities associated with data transfer. Enjoy seamless scalability and global reach without concerns about hidden and variable costs.

We are eagerly moving forward with these updates and are preparing to launch the new products in the coming days and weeks. As we roll out these across our global infrastructure, we invite our customers to explore the possibilities this new chapter at UpCloud opens up.

Curious to learn more? More information about each new product, as well as insights into our improved service offerings will be released in the coming days and weeks.

About UpCloud

UpCloud is a leading European cloud service provider with a cloud-native platform spanning four continents. Since 2012, we have been dedicated to providing fast, reliable, and secure cloud services from our 13 global data centres. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is matched by our promise of a 100% SLA, making us the trusted partner for businesses worldwide.

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