UpCloud’s development roadmap: Great plans for 2022

2022 development roadmap

New year, new mighty development plans! After a year full of exciting releases, we are committed to continuing developing our services to fulfil all our users’ cloud hosting needs and, who knows, even secret wishes. To give you a glimpse of what to expect, we’ve put together the UpCloud development roadmap for 2022!

In 2022, we will be launching several new services and a bunch of updates to our current portfolio. You can especially look forward to:  

  • UpCloud Managed Kubernetes
  • Managed Load Balancer
  • Updates to Managed Databases
  • New next-generation MaxIOPS
  • Further development of our Terraform integration
  • Opening new data centres

Containers with Managed Kubernetes 

Kubernetes has become incredibly popular in container orchestration but can still seem daunting to get started with. To help our users take advantage of containers, we have been building a container platform based on Kubernetes for the better half of 2021. The development has progressed well and we are happy to say that we expect to launch it in 2022!

UpCloud Managed Kubernetes service will help our DevOps-minded users with a need for a high-performing container platform. The service relieves our customers’ pain of installing, maintaining, and upgrading Kubernetes clusters infrastructure. With Managed Kubernetes service, it will all happen without the hassle of dealing with servers directly. And, of course, the new service will integrate smoothly with other UpCloud products.

Managed Load Balancer

With Load Balancer, you can scale and distribute your application workloads automatically. Just add more backend nodes whenever there’s a need for more performance due to an increase in traffic (e.g. Black Friday or similar). There is no need for maintenance breaks as the Load Balancer allows you to deploy operating systems and software updates without any downtime.

UpCloud Load Balancer is naturally 100% managed and maintained by us. Enjoy a proper good night sleep as we manage the service on your behalf. Furthermore, we are expecting to launch our Managed Load Balancer quite soon!

New Managed Database features

We are continuously working on adding new features to our Managed Databases, a hassle-free and scalable Database-as-a-Service we launched in June 2021 for the public cloud. This year, we plan to expand the same effortless Managed Databases experience to our private cloud clients. With private cloud support, our users will be able to create database services using private connections to connect the database.

We will also add some much-requested open-source services to our portfolio. And there are more Managed Databases related updates coming, so stay tuned!


We are thrilled to tell you that in 2022 we will enable our users to easily and safely analyse data with a great open-source product, OpenSearch. If you have been waiting for the right tools for log analytics, or maybe you’d like to build a search engine for your document base, we will soon have you covered!


To serve our users’ in-memory database needs, we are going to be enabling Redis. That’s excellent news since Redis is great for caching your web page or application content and is also widely used with IoT solutions. With Redis, you will end up with cleaner code and better application performance, which we at UpCloud are all about.


Kafka will become a part of our product portfolio in 2022 as well. As an open-source distributed event streaming platform, it is perfect for building high-performance data pipelines and streaming applications, for example.

Upgrades to MaxIOPS and Object Storage

As computing technology progresses, we strive to stay at the forefront of the wave. That is why we will make some substantial upgrades to our MaxIOPS block storage, the storage solution behind our unbeatable high-performance Cloud Servers. Later in 2022, we will launch an even better, next-generation MaxIOPS with improvements and whole new features that will bring even more security, scalability, and performance benefits to our crown jewel service.

So far, our users have been choosing Object Storage capacity from 250 GB, 500 GB and 1 TB. Based on our users’ feedback, we are working to enable a bigger bucket size from Helsinki data centres. With Object Storage, you can easily increase the storage size without migrating your data. We hope the bigger bucket size comes in handy if you are looking for a safe backup store!

Improved tooling for managing your infrastructure

Last year, our Terraform provider was verified by HashiCorp. As we release new features and services, we will continue to support them as soon as possible making Terraform truly a first-class tool for every user. As the first update of 2022, our Managed Databases now has Terraform support.

This year, we want to make it easier for new users to get started with UpCloud. We will start providing public Terraform modules that will be available to use as they are or as a base for our users’ own modules. For example, we will be publishing a Terraform module for setting up your own Rancher based Kubernetes clusters in UpCloud.

We will also closely follow the progress of Terraform Cloud Development Kit and make sure UpCloud is supported as the project develops. This will allow our users to define Infrastructure-as-Code in their own favourite programming language. Thus, making it even easier to get started with Terraform on UpCloud.

Additionally, we continue to provide support for the community through HashiCorp Packer, a de-facto tool for managing machine images in any cloud provider. By providing examples and base images, we make it easier for our users to get started with custom machine templates and to use those images in Terraform configuration. We will also work on making our UpCloud Packer plugin HashiCorp verified. 

Perfecting High Availability

We will continue to work on increasing the geographical distribution of our services to ensure the highest possible availability for the end-users. With upcoming improvements to our cross-zone Utility network and SDN Private networks, it is possible to decentralise your data in one place between data centres while servicing your end-user closer to their locations. By utilising multiple data centres and SDN connectivity, you can ensure even better HA and help the end-users to avoid latency.

Growth across regions

Last year we kept on growing, which meant welcoming new amazing colleagues and even broader expertise to our simply awesome team. We are expecting our growth journey to continue also in 2022 and will be recruiting new colleagues throughout the year from all across the globe. To find out about our open positions, keep an eye on our careers page.

We are also scoping out new locations for launching new data centres in an effort to increased cloud infrastructure availability worldwide and improved accessibility in new regions. Last year we launched a new data centre in Sydney, and in 2022 we will work on expanding even further!

To get information on all our new launches firsthand, we highly recommend you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.We’d love to keep you posted!

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