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Updated on 27.5.2022

How Nomadat enhanced years of experience with faster infra


Nomadat is a company dedicated to Information Technology Solutions based in Guadalajara, Mexico. Nomadat started as a small web development and computer repair office, with just Fernando Ibanez as owner and engineer. However, we quickly began to gain popularity thanks to great and personalized service. Today, we provide a multitude of services ranging from web hosting to CCTVs.

With more than 18 years of experience, we have managed to grow together with our clients, making sure that they always obtain high-quality support and solutions. We work as a team to help anyone from corporates and businesses to individuals with security needs while striving for efficiency. After years of work, we have earned the trust of almost 1,200 customers in domains, web hosting, VPS and other storage and network services.

Previous challenges

We have grown along with the Internet. We tested different providers when the cloud world was not yet a reality. It was then in 2008 when we decided to park our network infrastructure, processing, and storage in Softlayer, that’s now part of IBM Cloud, on dedicated servers. This worked for a while, but the demand for bandwidth, storage space, and processing capacity from our customers has forced us to separate infrastructure onto various VPS.

As our business grew, it became ever more important to be able to scale in an easy, fast and safe way. We wanted to do away with worrying so much about the infrastructure itself and focus on offering better services for our growing demand. Our old dedicated servers had many advantages, but they weren’t quite fulfilling our needs. We recognised that there are many new technologies in the cloud that allow scaling faster, easier and safer, which is why we have decided to work with UpCloud.

Test hosting on UpCloud!

Hosting on UpCloud

We are currently using multi-core cloud servers with both Linux and Windows, utilising the fast MaxIOPS storage. In addition, all our networks under both IPv4 and IPv6 are secured with the firewall service. One example of great advantage and comfort is the way we can take backups, some daily, some weekly. UpCloud makes it very easy with their snapshot backups.

We are also employing the UpCloud API together with the HostBill App. We are very happy and excited to have bought and implemented the HostBill app. They developed a module for us to connect directly to the UpCloud API and we are now able to offer UpCloud cloud servers within our client web portal.

Occasionally, we have the need to deploy new or resize existing servers when our customers’ requirements exceed the current resources. Cloud infrastructure offers great flexibility for scaling even while we’ve yet to implement load balancing. Furthermore, our whole development environment is also deployed on UpCloud.


We’ve made calculations on the speed and performance of our current infrastructure for the clients and corporations that we have migrated onto UpCloud. The results were nothing short of impressive with up to 60% faster depending on the website. It’s safe to say we are now able to provide faster deployment and configuration solutions for all our customers.

UpCloud has shone for their excellent support and service. They have always solved our requests quickly and efficiently. While not every request has been possible straight away, we are excitedly waiting for the release of the option to generate usage reports by the server. Working with UpCloud has been a good experience in all aspects and their technical support has been great. The quality of service and stability of the platform has allowed us to consider migrating the remaining 50% of our infrastructure.

UpCloud has definitely allowed Nomadat to grow exponentially since we are now faster and more efficient. Having some customers separated from old obsolete infrastructure allows us to offer storage, processing, networking, and security impressively quickly.

Future plans

In the medium-term, we want to migrate our remaining infrastructure onto UpCloud. We are also considering beginning to implement load balancing in most Nomadat services. We want to finish our implementation with the UpCloud API and connect everything with the HostBill app to improve our online sales processes.

As for future features, we would like to see a better reporting of the use per server. We’d want to be able to obtain a quick record of monthly spending for cloud server resources such as storage, firewall, network, bandwidth, etc.

We also want to start working with regions in Latin America and South America. It would be great to have an UpCloud data centre for example in Mexico.

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