Stories How SimpleLogin speeded up their service with UpCloud Managed Databases

How SimpleLogin speeded up their service with UpCloud Managed Databases

SimpleLogin is a France-based startup providing solutions for sending and receiving emails anonymously. The service creates a unique anonymous email address that a user can use instead of their personal address. This protects the personal address from spam, phishing, data breaches or tracking.

Previous challenges

The need for a new cloud provider emerged as SimpleLogin became more and more frustrated by support from their previous provider. As a small team, they wanted to get a cloud provider that is an easy-to-use, self-service kind of company. They didn’t need proprietary cloud solutions because of the cloud-agnostic nature of the solution. Their main requirement was servers with excellent uptime that are moreover located in EU, due to GDPR regulations compliancy, and since they deal with email, the IP addresses had to be of good reputation as well.

Hosting with UpCloud

SimpleLogin’s solution is not dependent on proprietary technology, so the transition from their existing cloud environment was quick and easy. The company currently uses several multi-core servers with load balancers. They use UpCloud for hosting their staging environment as well. The startup also recently migrated its databases from AWS RDS to UpCloud. So far, they are very happy with the service UpCloud Managed Databases bring.

“Reactive support was one of our most important criteria when selecting the new provider. We’re happy that UpCloud’s support is reactive and our questions are answered by humans, not robots,” says SimpleLogin’s Founder and CEO, Son Nguyen Kim.


Thanks to UpCloud, SimpleLogin noticed improvements in both their internal processes and the services they provide to customers. The company have been using UpCloud database for almost four months now, and they describe the experience as excellent, with everything being simple and fast.

“With the same price range, UpCloud’s database is faster than RDS. Our email processing has also become faster. On top of that, if there’s an increase in traffic, we can scale up our servers and databases in a matter of minutes,” says Son Nguyen Kim.

As the time spent investigating server issues has significantly decreased, SimpleLogin can now focus more on product development. At the same time, their users may rest assured that their data is stored securely in EU-located data centres.

Among the future plans of the company is adding even more servers in order to achieve greater resilience.


Helsinki (HQ)

In the capital city of Finland, you will find our headquarters, and our first data centre. This is where we handle most of our development and innovation.


London was our second office to open, and a important step in introducing UpCloud to the world. Here our amazing staff can help you with both sales and support, in addition to host tons of interesting meetups.


Singapore was our 3rd office to be opened, and enjoys one of most engaged and fastest growing user bases we have ever seen.


Seattle is our 4th and latest office to be opened, and our way to reach out across the pond to our many users in the Americas.