Stories How Space2host is delivering perfect uptime for half the cost

How Space2host is delivering perfect uptime for half the cost

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We are an India based web services company. For the past 18 years, we’ve been serving over 7000 customers spread across India and the globe. Our services include email servers, websites, database servers, and application hosting.

We recently migrated our whole infrastructure to UpCloud after trialling their services with glowing success!

Previous challenges

In the past, we were running our own infrastructure by maintaining servers, routers, firewall, storage, antispam appliance etc. These were all hosted in a co-location at a premium Indian IDC. Due to the challenges of maintaining and upgrading the infrastructure, our profit margins were suffering, considerably so for the past 4 years.

Therefore, we decided to find a reliable, scalable and cost-effective cloud infrastructure provider. Our goal was to be able to migrate all our production instances onto a new provider.

Test hosting on UpCloud!

Hosting on UpCloud

Once we began exploring our options, we had to decide on what type of an IaaS provider to partner with. The search came down to a choice between a do-it-all IaaS provider like AWS, Azure or Google or a specialised provider like UpCloud, Digital Ocean, Linode and Vultr. In the end, we gravitated towards the latter due to better support, hardware performance and network reliability and, of course, pricing. We wanted a company who will take our input seriously and will be agile.

UpCloud facilitated a trial run and helped us moving dedicated instances to their Singapore facility which was the lowest latency location to our customers. We also concurrently ran a few instances on Linode and Vultr to evaluate the differences.


Initially, we moved half a dozen high-demand Windows instances for six months to validate the network uptime, cloud performance, etc. and found that UpCloud was way ahead of the competition! The feedback from our customer about the speed and stability was outstanding. It made us take a quick look at moving all our instances one by one.

We have since migrated our whole infrastructure to UpCloud Singapore DC which could deliver 100% uptime, security, cloud performance, snapshot backup, and with MaxIOPS storage, there is no one that compares to UpCloud! Also, we’ve saved nearly 50% on bandwidth, co-location and hardware costs by moving at the right time. With the best result, all our customers are happy and renewing their contract with us!

Future plans

Thanks to UpCloud, we’ve shifted our focus to Managed Solutions in the cloud for our end customers and moved to an asset-light strategy. UpCloud takes care of our infrastructure needs and their supporters need no special mentioning. This will allow us to grow easily in the future.


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Helsinki (HQ)

In the capital city of Finland, you will find our headquarters, and our first data centre. This is where we handle most of our development and innovation.


London was our second office to open, and a important step in introducing UpCloud to the world. Here our amazing staff can help you with both sales and support, in addition to host tons of interesting meetups.


Singapore was our 3rd office to be opened, and enjoys one of most engaged and fastest growing user bases we have ever seen.


Seattle is our 4th and latest office to be opened, and our way to reach out across the pond to our many users in the Americas.