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10 thoughts on “Accepted payment methods

  1. im trying to use my payoneer MasterCard but im getting Credit card verify failed .
    i have balance in my payoneer and i always use it to pay online account

    1. Hi Walid, if you are having trouble with your credit card, you should try contacting your credit card issuer to check why the verification was declined.

  2. I’ve tried to register (differently) two times with my VISA and MasterCard,
    but I could not go to the final step for the registration. The web site said:
    Credit card verify failed
    In fact, all my cards are working very well online with others websites.
    I’ve checked with the credit card issuer found no problem. What’s next ?

    1. Hi there, thanks for the question and sorry to hear about the trouble. If your credit card issuer did not see anything wrong, the problem could be with the payment processor. Don’t hesitate to contact our user support and we’ll do our utmost best to help you.

    1. Hi there, thanks for the question. At this time you cannot make payments using Skrill, all accepted payment methods are listed in the article above.

  3. 1-Do you accept virtual debit cards? this is the only way i can pay online.
    2- What is your network out speed? I was told that it is 1 Gbps but what is gbps? is it gegabyte per second or gegabits per second…

    1. Hi there, thanks for the question. Unfortunately, virtual debit cards tend to get rejected by our payment processor and we cannot support them directly. As for your second question, our public network speeds are indeed 1 Gbps meaning 1 gigabit per second.

  4. I have been trying to pay with the master card I used before all seeing is (we cannot process your payment due the payment method I used)

    1. Hi Henry, thanks for the comment. We are not able to accept American Express credit cards directly at this time but you can make manual top-ups using your card via PayPal. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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