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Learning maths and other subjects is not always fun. It is certainly more challenging when you study for exams. How to make learning more fun and teaching more inclusive. This is the junction where technology meets teachers and students.

Alfons Education has embarked on a journey to make teaching and learning more fun, accessible, and secure. Developed with teachers the digital learning platform has all information on one platform and allows a smooth move from in-person to online learning.

Alfons Education chose UpCloud to run their services because of their need to keep their data safe and comply with data privacy requirements like GDPR. In addition, the education provider is benefiting from the 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA) that allows their customers to experience the platform without any disturbances and the 24/7/365 personal technical support.

While UpCloud is helping and supporting the infrastructure and services Alfons Education is further expanding and helping more teachers and students to enjoy education.

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BigSpark increases performance by 10 percent

BigSpark is a Netherlands based media publisher. It owns four of the most popular websites for smartphone news and comparison websites with a total of over 2.9 million monthly visitors. With an in-house team of editors and content specialists the team focuses on topics that matter most to consumers and tech enthusiasts.

One of the most known and popular publishing sites is iPhoned. iPhoned was founded in 2007, just after the announcement of the first Apple iPhone, and has since been one of the largest sites covering Apple products, apps, latest releases, and reviews in the Netherlands.

BigSpark decided to migrate to UpCloud Managed Databases. With the migration the company increased their performance by more than 10% and allows an even better experience for their viewership of the various news and comparison webpages.

The simplified cloud infrastructure and ease of use of the UpCloud services have decreased operational costs and allow the developer team to focus more on business service creation and optimisation.

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