Account balance

All UpCloud services are billed by deducting the hourly costs from the user’s account balance on an hourly basis.

Users can make payments to add balance to their account via the UpCloud Control Panel either manually or by configuring automated recurring payments using the supported payment methods. Users will need to have sufficient balance on their accounts to order new services.

The credits are non-refundable unless otherwise stated by UpCloud with the exception of the 30-day money-back guarantee on the first payment. Additional credits awarded to the account via promotion or referral codes also cannot be withdrawn.

One-time payment

Manual one-time payments allow users to add balance to their UpCloud account on an on-demand basis, for example, to upgrade from the free trial to a full account.

Automated payments

Configuring automated payments is a way for users to ensure their account balance is maintained automatically without worrying about running out of credits.

Automated payments work by setting a minimum account balance threshold for when new payments should be made and choosing the amount to top up with.

Running out of balance

If the account balance is close to running out, we will notify the user immediately via email to the main billing account holder. When the credits are estimated to run out in 7 days or less, all contacts will receive the notifications.

Our policy in case an account balance runs out is as follows:

  • Credits have run out: Shutting down all servers.
  • Credits have run out over 1 month ago: Servers will be removed freeing allocated IP addresses.
  • Credits have run out over 2 months ago: Storages will be removed. Data will be lost permanently.

IP addresses, storages and backups continue to be charged during the time the credits have run out and the servers have been shut down. The account balance is allowed to go below zero if necessary. Payments to an account with a negative balance will first be used to bring the account balance back to zero.