Bonus credits

At UpCloud, you can also earn bonus credits which are added to your account balance. These include signup bonuses with promotional codes, bonus credits earned through our referral program and rewards for contributing content.

Promo codes

During signup , new users can include one promo code to get the additional credits and benefits afforded by the promotion. You can only apply promo codes at signup and use only one promo code. Promotional credits are valid for 60 days after signup.

Referral program

The UpCloud referral program allows existing users to invite new users to UpCloud by sharing their personal referral codes. Recommending UpCloud to new users gives benefits to both parties in the form of bonus credits.

Every new signup via referral will receive €25 in free credits which they can spend on any of our services. In return, the user sharing their referral code will earn €50 credited to their own account. Referral credits do not expire.

A new referred user needs to make a minimum of two one-time payments and stay active for at least 28 days to qualify for the referral program.