Free trial

All new users are given a free trial to evaluate UpCloud services without commitment. The free trial period allows getting familiar with our services and testing cloud server deployment without commitment.

Activating the trial

The trial does not begin automatically upon registration. The trial can be started at your own pace after creating an account and logging into UpCloud Control Panel . Just verify your identity with a credit card and billing information to enter the free trial. Your credit card will not be charged. This step helps us prevent bots and abuse.

Please note that the free trial needs to be started within 60 days of registration. After this period, new accounts that have not activated the trial will be removed.


The free trial is offered to all new users and lasts for 3 days from the moment of trial activation.

Certain promotions may offer longer trial periods. Users can request an extension to their trial period by contacting our sales representatives.


The free trial period includes some limitations that can be lifted by upgrading your account.


Before or during the trial period

Trial users can upgrade their account to full access any time by making a minimum one-time deposit of €10 or more in the Billing section at their UpCloud control panel .

Upgrading during the trial will retain any resources the user has already deployed.

The first payment includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

After the trial period

The account remains active the trial ends and the user will continue to be able to log into their UpCloud account after the trial.

When the trial expires, the user will not be able to deploy new Cloud Servers before upgrading their account by making a minimum €10 one-time payment.

When trial ends

If the trial ends without the user making at least the minimum payment, resources deployed during the trial are removed but the account remains active.

After the trial, the user can continue using cloud services by making at least a one-time deposit to their UpCloud account.