Block Storage FAQ

What is MaxIOPS and how does it differ from SSD?

MaxIOPS is our in-house developed storage technology, which gives you industry-leading performance and reliability. It’s leaps and bounds faster than the typical SSD storages found on competing providers. Check out how much faster our storage is on our comparison pages.

How much storage can I have per server?

Each Cloud Server can have up to 16 storage devices 4 TB each to the maximum of 64 TB of storage capacity. You can always add more storage capacity after deployment. Find out more at our guide to adding and removing storage devices.

I’ve increased my storage size, but it didn’t change on my server.

You need to tell your server operating system to use the new storage space. Learn more in this guide.

Do you offer server backups?

Of course! You can take manual snapshot backups of any storage device on your server or schedule automatic backups. The backups are a quick way to restore an earlier state of your server or a simple way to archive data. Read more about backups in our tutorial.

Do you have other storage options?

We offer MaxIOPS and HDD block storage and Object Storage.

How do I change storage size?

You can increase storage size at your control panel under the Resizing tab in the server settings. Afterwards, you also need to increase the storage in the operating system of your Cloud Server. Find out how by following this guide.

Do I need to pay extra for persistent storage?

Not at all. Every storage device, whether MaxIOPS or HDD, is fully persistent.

Are your storage devices encrypted?

Encryption at Rest is available in beta as an opt-in feature for block storages.