Block Storage tiers

UpCloud offers multiple storage tiers for different use cases.


MaxIOPS® is our in-house developed storage technology that enables read performance of up to 100k IOPS at 4k block size. It’s offered as the default storage tier for all Cloud Servers. MaxIOPS provides the same performance level regardless of storage device size or plan pricing.


Standard is the cost efficient but still highly performant storage tier, perfect for Standard block storage tier offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for general-purpose storage needs. Designed to balance performance and affordability, this tier is ideal for a wide range of applications, including both development environments and production systems.


HDD storage is the alternative to MaxIOPS when capacity and cost-effectiveness are more important than performance. It uses the same redundancy-ensured technology as our proprietary MaxIOPS storage but with high-capacity HDD devices for low-cost storage.

Storage tier features

Use caseHigh-performance databases, web servers and applications, with a focus on performanceGeneral purpose data storageHigh-capacity data storage, with a focus on lower costs
Capacity1 GB – 4 TB1 GB - 4 TB1 GB – 4 TB
Performance (4K block size)Read 100 000 IOPS
Write 30 000 IOPS
Read 10 000 IOPS
Write 10 000 IOPS
Read 600 IOPS
Write 600 IOPS
AvailabilityAll locationsAll locationsAll locations

MaxIOPS is a registered trademark of UpCloud Ltd.