Block Storage Pricing

Block storage

General Purpose, High CPU and High Memory plans include MaxIOPS storage up to the allocated quota. If the server has multiple storage devices, the largest storage that fits within the plan quota is counted as part of the plan. Any additional storage devices are priced per GB.

Storage TierPredefined PlansAdditional Storage
MaxIOPS€0 within quota€0.22 per GB
HDD€0.056 per GB€0.056 per GB

Predefined plans include General Purpose, High CPU and High Memory plans.


Simple Backups are priced with a fixed monthly rate according to the selected plan at either +20%, +40% or +60% of the monthly Cloud Server plan it is applied. For example, the Week plan together with the €13 General Purpose plan would cost [€13 + (20% * €13) ] = €15.60 per month. With Simple Backup, the price is always the same, irrespective of how many backups have already been taken.

All storage devices that are not part of a plan are priced at the excess storage price (€0.05/€0.10/€0.15 per GB per month). This is analogous to how excess storage is priced for Cloud Servers.

Additional backups and backups of storage devices outside the General Purpose, High CPU and High Memory plans are priced at €0.056 per GB per month.

Flexible Backups are priced each at €0.056 per GB per month. With Flexible Backups, the total monthly cost depends on the number of backups taken, their retention period and the size of the storage devices being backed up. This means that the monthly cost accumulates over time as the schedule creates new backups until the retention period is reached and the oldest backup is deleted.

On-demand backups are individually priced at €0.056 per GB per month.

Encryption at Rest

Encryption at Rest (available in beta) is offered free of charge.