Cloud Servers FAQ

What kind of cloud server provider is UpCloud?

UpCloud is a European cloud service provider offering the world’s fastest cloud servers with 100% uptime SLA from multiple data centres around the world in Asia, Europe and the U.S. Our SMB customers run their business-critical web applications on our enterprise-grade cloud computing platform and love us for our high performance, reliable service, and competitive prices.

What’s the difference between Predefined and Flexible plans?

The Flexible plans let you pick and choose exactly the server specifications you want while the Predefined plans offer easy to use, value for money configurations. Read more about the plans here.

What operating system do you support?

We offer a suite of popular Linux distributions and Windows templates for fast server deployment. These include Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows Server and many others with different versions of each. You can install any operating system manually using our Storage Import feature.

Where can I find my server password?

You can choose between email, SMS and phone call for password delivery. The password is also shown in your control panel notifications until you log off.

Can I use my own Windows licence?

As a licensed Microsoft partner, we offer cloud servers running the latest Windows Server products. However, this means that Microsoft Windows licences you want to use on UpCloud must be purchased from us. By signing the Microsoft License Mobility Agreement (MLMA), you may use your existing Microsoft licences such as Microsoft SQL Server database software, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server and many others.
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How do I connect using Remote Desktop?

You’ll need to enter the IP address of your cloud server and then authenticate using the username “Administrator” and your server password.

Do you offer Microsoft SQL licences?

We currently don’t offer MS SQL licences, but by signing the Microsoft License Mobility Agreement you can use many of your existing Microsoft licenses such as Microsoft SQL Server database software, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, and more.

Do you offer managed hosting?

Not at this time. UpCloud is an infrastructure-as-a-service provider and we focus on offering the best the cloud infrastructure for SMB companies to freely build upon. However, we do offer other managed services such as databases, load balancing and object storage. We also have an extensive network of partners offering world-class managed hosting services.
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What standards are your data centres certified for?

Our data centres are certified for different requirements such as ISO9001, ISO27001, ISO14001, ISO14644-8, OHSAS 18001, PCI DSS, PAS 99, VAHTI T3 and KATAKRI. You can find the list of all certificates on our data centre page.

What makes UpCloud servers faster than others?

We’ve built our data centres using nothing but state-of-the-art hardware with the goal to be the fastest cloud in the world. UpCloud’s MaxIOPS storage technology and top-grade CPU performance ensure that our servers are faster than any other. You can see the difference on our comparison pages.

Can I switch server plans?

You can change your cloud server plan to scale up or down by shutting down the server and changing the General purpose plan on the Resize tab at your control panel. Find out more at this guide to using Cloud Server plans.

How can I connect to my cloud server?

We recommend using SSH for Linux servers and Remote Desktop for Windows. You can find out more in our tutorial.

Can I use any other ISO image?

Yes. If you can’t find your favourite flavour of Linux among our CDROM collection, you can always create your own installation media by using our Storage Import feature.

How do I connect to my Windows server?

We recommend using Remote Desktop to connecting to your Windows server. Find out how to connect to your cloud server here.

How do I use SSH keys for login

You can save your public SSH keys to your control panel and include them at deployment. Then check out this guide on how to connect using SSH.

Will I have access to a console on my server?

Yes, within seconds of deploying a server! You can use SSH, VNC, RDC for Windows, as well as the convenient web Console at your UpCloud control panel.
Read more on how to connect to your server.

What level of SLA do you guarantee?

100%! Our entire infrastructure is developed on the principle of N+1 redundancy. For every component, theres a backup, which gives us the confidence to promise 100% Service Level Agreement against unscheduled interruptions in our cloud infrastructure. You can find the full details on SLA in our Terms of Service.

Do you offer dedicated servers?

Yes! Our Private Cloud offers dedicated hardware exclusively to your cloud servers. No need to worry about noisy neighbours. You can find out more about at our Private cloud product page or contact our sales team.