Cloud Server Pricing

Predefined plans

General Purpose plans

General Purpose plans offer predefined configuration options with fixed monthly costs. Each plan bundles a set amount of server resources included in the plan pricing.

General Purpose plans include balanced sets of allocated CPU cores, amount of RAM, MaxIOPS storage and a monthly quota of outbound network transfer suitable for most use cases.

PriceCPU coresRAMStorageTransferIdentifier
€71 core1 GB25 GB1 TB1xCPU-1GB
€131 core2 GB50 GB2 TB1xCPU-2GB
€262 cores4 GB80 GB4 TB2xCPU-4GB
€524 cores8 GB160 GB5 TB4xCPU-8GB
€966 cores16 GB320 GB6 TB6xCPU-16GB
€1928 cores32 GB640 GB7 TB8xCPU-32GB
€28812 cores48 GB960 GB9 TB12xCPU-48GB
€38416 cores64 GB1280 GB10 TB16xCPU-64GB
€57624 cores96 GB1920 GB12 TB24xCPU-96GB
€76832 cores128 GB2048 GB24 TB32xCPU-128GB
€102438 cores192 GB2048 GB24 TB38xCPU-192GB
€136448 cores256 GB2048 GB24 TB48xCPU-256GB
€199264 cores384 GB2048 GB24 TB64xCPU-384GB

High CPU plans

High CPU plans offer sets of resources ideal for higher computational needs while being price competitive.

High CPU plans include the following configuration options for CPU cores, amount of RAM, MaxIOPS storage and a monthly quota of outbound network transfer.

PriceCPU coresRAMStorageTransferIdentifier
€1308 core12 GB100 GB4 TBHICPU-8xCPU-12GB
€1608 core16 GB200 GB5 TBHICPU-8xCPU-16GB
€26016 cores24 GB100 GB5 TBHICPU-16xCPU-24GB
€31016 cores32 GB200 GB6 TBHICPU-16xCPU-32GB
€53032 cores48 GB200 GB6 TBHICPU-32xCPU-48GB
€62032 cores64 GB300 GB7 TBHICPU-32xCPU-64GB
€105664 cores96 GB200 GB7 TBHICPU-64xCPU-96GB
€124864 cores128 GB300 GB8 TBHICPU-64xCPU-128GB

High Memory plans

High Memory plans provide an increased amount of system memory for memory-intensive workloads.

High Memory plans allocated CPU cores, amount of RAM, MaxIOPS storage and a monthly quota of outbound network transfer according to the list below.

PriceCPU coresRAMStorageTransferIdentifier
€402 core8 GB100 GB2 TBHIMEM-2xCPU-8GB
€652 core16 GB100 GB2 TBHIMEM-2xCPU-16GB
€1324 cores32 GB100 GB4 TBHIMEM-4xCPU-32GB
€2404 cores64 GB200 GB4 TBHIMEM-4xCPU-64GB
€4806 cores128 GB300 GB6 TBHIMEM-6xCPU-128GB
€8408 cores192 GB400 GB8 TBHIMEM-8xCPU-192GB
€108012 cores256 GB500 GB10 TBHIMEM-12xCPU-256GB
€168016 cores384 GB600 GB12 TBHIMEM-16xCPU-384GB

Predefined plans common features

The predefined configuration; General Purpose, High CPU and High Memory plans include a versatile range of server resources for varying use cases. While the resource configurations differ between each plan type, they all enjoy many of the same benefits.

Billing per hour with a fixed monthly price
Predefined plan Cloud Servers are priced by fixed monthly costs but billed per hour. This allows users to run persistent cloud servers at a predictable monthly cost but also deploy and delete short-term instances only paying for the hours used.

Cloud Servers on the Simple plan are billed hourly and capped at 672 hours (24 h x 28 days) per month. This is done to ensure the monthly costs are the same every month regardless of the number of days in each month.

What is included
The predefined plans consolidate everything needed to run many types of web applications with no obligations for additional services. The monthly price includes the CPU, system memory, and MaxIOPS storage listed on the pricing table, as well as 1 public IPv4 address.

What are billed separately
Besides the essentials, we also offer additional services such as backups, firewalls, floating IPs, and SDN private networking. These additional services and usages exceeding plan allowances, such as extra storage and network transfer exceeding the monthly quota, are billed hourly for their usage according to our listed pricing.

How predefined Cloud Servers plans are billed when shut down
General Purpose, High CPU and High Memory plan Cloud Servers are billed per hour regardless of whether the server is powered on or shut down. This is due to the discounted bundle pricing which in turn affords a lower monthly cost.

Trial limitations
We offer a 3-day free trial to new users which is intended to allow getting familiar with our services and test Cloud Server deployments without commitment. As such, the trial has some limitations. During the trial period, users are able to deploy only one €7 General Purpose plan Cloud Server at a time. However, it’s possible to delete and re-deploy a Cloud Server to test different locations or operating systems.

When the free trial expires, user-created resources are deleted. Users are able to continue using the service and retain all resources created during the trial by making at least the minimum €10 deposit to their account.

Flexible plan

In addition to the set configuration plans; General Purpose, High CPU and High Memory, UpCloud offers the option of selecting Cloud Server resources exactly as needed using the Flexible plan. The Flexible plan allows users to configure their Cloud Server with the number of CPU cores and the amount of system memory and storage as required. Each resource can be configured independently from the other allowing a wide range of Cloud Server setups.

Configuration ranges
By selecting the Flexible plan, users can adjust CPU and system memory resources on a fine-grain control. Flexible plans allow the following ranges of resource configurations:

  • CPU 1 – 20 cores in 1-core increments
  • Memory 1 – 128 GB in 1 GB increments
  • Storage 10 GB – 4 TB in 1 GB increments, up to 8 storage devices

Billing per hour
Flexible plans are billed per hour according to the used resources without bundling. The estimated monthly cost is displayed in the UpCloud Control Panel in the server settings under the Resize menu. The resources are billed for every day of the month as opposed to the set plans which are only billed for 28 days per month.

How Flexible plan Cloud Servers are billed when shut down
Flexible plans also give users additional control over the costs of their cloud resources. Cloud Servers using Flexible plans are only billed for their storage, backups and network resources such as IP addresses and SDN private networks when powered down. When shutdown, CPU and RAM resources are not billed.