Managed Kubernetes Features

Control Plane

With UpCloud’s Managed Kubernetes, the Kubernetes® control plane is operated and managed by UpCloud, offering a hands-off experience for users in terms of managing the cluster’s core control components. This setup includes the API server, etcd, Scheduler, Controller Manager, and Cloud Controller Manager. UpCloud takes care of setup, scalability, availability, and maintenance of these components.

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Data Plane

The Kubernetes data plane consists of components that directly handle the traffic and workload execution within the cluster. This includes the worker nodes and the containers running on them. Each worker node runs kubelet, which is responsible for managing containers as instructed by the control plane. The data plane also includes networking components, which manage network communication between containers and external services as defined by the Kubernetes networking model. With Managed Kubernetes, worker nodes are defined as node groups.

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Private Cloud

UpCloud Managed Kubernetes supports Private Cloud by allowing users to run the Kubernetes data plane within their own dedicated hosts.

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Container Storage Interface

The Container Storage Interface (CSI) is a standard for exposing block and file storage systems to containerised workloads on container orchestration systems like Kubernetes. UpCloud offers CSI support out of the box for all Managed Kubernetes clusters, enabling customers to use MaxIOPS® and other storage features natively as Kubernetes Persistent Volumes.

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Supported Versions

Our Managed Kubernetes is a CNCF conformant Kubernetes service. We support stable Kubernetes versions which are still in active maintenance and supported by the project.

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MaxIOPS is a registered trademark of UpCloud Ltd. Kubernetes is a registered trademark of The Linux Foundation.