Managed Object Storage Features

Scalable bucket size

Scalable buckets allow users to start with a suitable storage capacity and automatically expand in 250 GB increments as needed, ensuring uninterrupted space without manual intervention. With no storage limit, this solution is ideal for various use cases, accommodating unlimited data growth seamlessly.

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Full encryption

UpCloud Object Storage uses AES-256 encryption to secure data at rest. The encryption process is automatic and transparent, occurring seamlessly when data is uploaded. Users can store and retrieve their data as usual while benefiting from robust encryption, without needing to manage the encryption process themselves.

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S3 standard compatible

UpCloud Object Storage is fully compatible with the S3 API, allowing users to seamlessly integrate existing S3-compatible applications and tools. This compatibility enables easy migration of data and workflows, leveraging the vast ecosystem of S3-compatible software and libraries.

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