Managed Redis FAQ

How is high availability ensured on Managed Databases?

UpCloud Managed Databases work using the master/replica model to provide dependable high-availability. This means all writes are done on the master node, but you are free to query the read-only replicas for added performance. Single master node ensures consistent transaction handling which can otherwise become an issue with multi-master HA solutions.

Can I take backups of the databases?

All databases are backed up automatically with full backups taken daily. These allow you to go back to any minute from the last 24 hours. 2-node plans have additional 7 days of backups and 3-node plans include 14 days.

Is it possible to connect to the database using private networking?

Private connection is enabled by default via the UpCloud Utility network. Note that the private network access is only available to Cloud Servers within the same UpCloud account and data centre.

Do you promote a replica to primary automatically in case of a failure with the master node?

Yes, if the management system detects a failure with the master node, it will seamlessly promote one of the replica nodes to take over the write tasks. Note that the automated fail-over is only possible with clusters of 2 or more nodes.

Are the backups encrypted at rest?

Yes, all backups are encrypted and stored off-site independently from the Managed Database without affecting the cluster’s storage capacity.

What is the maintenance window and what does it mean to me?

The maintenance window is used to handle system updates and other management tasks during off-hours. You can set the maintenance window at your UpCloud Control Panel according to the time and day of the week you prefer.

Can the connections be restricted to specific IP addresses?

You can set connection permissions either by granting access to specific Cloud Servers on your UpCloud account or manually inputting the IP addresses of the hosts you want to be able to connect.

How are Managed Databases billed?

Database clusters are billed hourly according to the selected configuration plan starting from the cluster creation until the instances are deleted, including while stopped. Monthly prices are estimates based on a 30 day month.

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