Managed Redis Pricing

Managed Databases for Redis®* are offered with 2 and 3-node clustered solutions as well as single-node unclustered options. The nodes can be configured with the required resources by selecting from the available plans. Each plan includes a set number of CPU cores, system memory, storage and backups. The Managed Database plans are priced according to the number of nodes and the resources allocated to each node.

Database clusters are billed hourly according to the selected configuration plan until the instance is deleted, including while stopped.

1 node - Redis

MemoryCPU coresStorageBackupsMonthlyPrice
4 GB2100 GB14 days€175/mo€0.2431/h
4 GB2200 GB14 days€225/mo€0.3125/h
8 GB4100 GB14 days€280/mo€0.3889/h
8 GB4200 GB14 days€325/mo€0.4514/h
16 GB6200 GB14 days€600/mo€0.8333/h
16 GB6500 GB14 days€650/mo€0.9028/h
32 GB8200 GB14 days€1120/mo€1.5556/h
32 GB8500 GB14 days€1220/mo€1.6944/h
32 GB81 TB14 days€1420/mo€1.9722/h
64 GB161 TB14 days€2240/mo€3.1111/h
64 GB162 TB14 days€2640/mo€3.6667/h
128 GB202 TB14 days€3980/mo€5.5278/h

2 nodes - Redis

MemoryCPU coresStorageBackupsMonthlyPrice
2 GB1100 GB3 days€100/mo€0.139/h
4 GB2100 GB3 days€170/mo€0.236/h
8 GB2100 GB3 days€230/mo€0.319/h
14 GB2100 GB3 days€310/mo€0.431/h
28 GB4100 GB3 days€590/mo€0.819/h
56 GB8100 GB3 days€1160/mo€1.611/h
112 GB16100 GB3 days€2300/mo€3.194/h

3 nodes - Redis

MemoryCPU coresStorageBackupsMonthlyPrice
2 GB1100 GB7 days€150/mo€0.208/h
4 GB2100 GB7 days€260/mo€0.361/h
8 GB2100 GB7 days€340/mo€0.472/h
14 GB2100 GB7 days€470/mo€0.653/h
28 GB4100 GB7 days€900/mo€1.250/h
56 GB8100 GB7 days€1760/mo€2.444/h
112 GB16100 GB7 days€3480/mo€4.833/h

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