UpCloud network includes a Domain Name Service resolver at each location that can be reached at the following IP addresses.

The UpCloud DNS resolver IPv4 addresses are:


Cloud servers with a public IPv6 address can also use IPv6 with the following servers:

  • 2a04:3540:53::1
  • 2a04:3544:53::1

We do not currently offer a user-configurable authoritative DNS service for hosting your domain names.

Reverse DNS

UpCloud users can set a Reverse DNS, or PTR, record on each of their IP addresses. Querying an rDNS is a Domain Name System (DNS) technique to determine the hostname associated with an IP address.

Each IP address on UpCloud has a default rDNS set upon creation which can be changed at the UpCloud Control Panel or via the UpCloud API free of charge.