NAT and VPN Gateways

NAT & VPN Gateways connect Cloud Servers in private networks with external networks.

NAT Gateways are used for outbound internet access from servers without dedicated public IP addresses. This enables connecting to third-party services and fetching software upgrades from the Internet.

VPN Gateways are used to securely connect to external networks through their VPN endpoints. The VPN feature supports site-to-site IPSec connections.

NAT & VPN Gateways operate in conjunction with an SDN Router, which is used to connect to one or multiple SDN Private Networks. All Cloud Servers connected to an SDN Private Network can then access the external networks via NAT or VPN Gateways.

NAT & VPN Gateways are a managed service, with software upgrades provided by UpCloud. High availability for gateway services is included in Standard, Production and Advanced plans and is implemented using an active-standby model, where the standby node will take the active role should the primary instance fail.

Gateway service plans

Developer€15/monoNAT--100 Mbit/s10,000
Standard€25/moyesNAT--500 Mbit/s100,000
Production€100/moyesNAT, VPN2300 Mbit/s1000 Mbit/s100,000
Advanced€300/moyesNAT, VPN10500 Mbit/s1000 Mbit/s250,000

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