Network Transfer Pool

Network Transfer Pool combines all transfer quotas included in all of the user’s UpCloud products and services into a single account-wide transfer pool. This includes all transfer quotas across all data centres covering all current Cloud Servers as well as any future products that contain quotas for outgoing transfer.

Network Transfer Pool enables users to take full advantage of all transfer quotas regardless of which services generate the network transfer. The network transfer is not limited to an hourly rate. Users can make full use of their transfer quota right after deployment without incurring excess charges as long as the service exists for at least 28 days during the calendar month.

Network Transfer Pool statistics can be viewed at the user’s UpCloud Control Panel.

How Network Transfer Pool is defined:

  • All transfer quotas included with your public cloud services in all data centres are collected into the transfer pool.
  • All existing public cloud services contribute to the pool regardless of whether they are running or shut down.
  • If a resource instance exists for less than a full calendar month, it will contribute proportionally according to the number of hours it existed during the month.
  • Network Transfer Pool operates on the main account level and combines all transfer quotas including services deployed by any subaccounts.

How Network Transfer Pool is used:

  • You can use all of your UpCloud services exactly as you please, including network transfer, with no hourly limits.
  • You can monitor your combined outbound transfer usage at your UpCloud Control Panel or via the UpCloud API.
  • At the turn of the calendar month, the total earned quota from all resources is counted towards your total outbound transfer usage.
  • Outbound network transfer exceeding the combined Network Transfer Pool is billed at €0.01 per GB.
  • Network Transfer Pool is then reset for the next calendar month.
  • If you run out of the allotted transfer quota, you will be afforded a 20TB grace period after which exceeding transfer is throttled by default. If you need further transfer unrestricted, contact our customer support.
  • Network Transfer Pool allows greater flexibility in cloud service configurations by enabling users to benefit from the total transfer quotas from all Cloud Servers or services. For example, transfer quotas from a database and other backend servers can be utilised by the frontend or load balancer without any additional cost or setup.

Products that contribute and are eligible to utilise the Network Transfer Pool:

UpCloud productsContributesUtilises
General Purpose planYes, according to plan quotaYes
High CPU planYes, according to plan quotaYes
High Memory planYes, according to plan quotaYes
Flexible planNoYes
Private CloudNoNo
Object StorageYes, according to plan quotaYes
Managed DatabasesNoNo
Managed Load BalancerNoYes
NAT and VPN GatewaysNoYes

The Network Transfer Pool usage is logged for billing purposes and can be viewed at the user’s UpCloud Control Panel or via the UpCloud API.