SDN Private Networks

Software-defined networking, or SDN for short, is a technological approach to network management that enables dynamic, programmatically created network configurations. SDN decouples the network configuration from the physical infrastructure much like cloud computing has done for traditional server hosting.

Using SDN private networks, users are able to create and configure custom private networks on demand.

SDN private networks are created within a specific data centre and allow connecting an unlimited number of cloud servers within that data centre.

Available IP subnets

Generally, users can utilise any global unicast address for their subnet address, even public ones. However, we recommend staying with well-known private address ranges.

Recommended address ranges:


Allowed subnet prefix lengths (sizes): minimum length 8 bits, maximum length 29 bits.

Excluded ranges:

  • (CGNAT)
  • (localhost)
  • (IP multicast)
  • (link-local)

The above ranges are not available for use in SDN private networks.

Network speed

SDN private network interfaces provide up to 10 Gbit/s link speeds. The network throughput between Cloud Servers may vary.