Network Pricing

Public Network

Cloud Servers utilising predefined plans include 1 public IPv4 address in their monthly price. Any additional addresses are priced at €3.15 per month.

IPv6 addresses are free of charge but the network transfer is billed according to the pricing below.

Network transfer via public network interfaces is priced as follows:

  • General Purpose, High CPU and High Memory plans include a network transfer quota depending on the plan 1 TB – 24 TB, contributing to the user’s Network Transfer Pool.
  • Flexible plan outbound transfers and transfers exceeding the predefined plan quota are priced at €0.01 per GB.

SDN private networks

Private networks are complimentary with unlimited attached Cloud Servers. Data transfer within SDN private networks is free of charge.

Utility network

Utility network is provided free of charge to all Cloud Servers and data transfer within the networks is free of charge.


The firewall is configured per-server basis and included in every monthly plan price.

Floating IP

Floating IPs are priced at €3.15 per month.

NAT and VPN Gateways

Gateway services are priced according to the following model:

Developer€15/monoNAT--100 Mbit/s10,000
Standard€25/moyesNAT--500 Mbit/s100,000
Production€100/moyesNAT, VPN2300 Mbit/s1000 Mbit/s100,000
Advanced€300/moyesNAT, VPN10500 Mbit/s1000 Mbit/s250,000