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European cloud close to home

Nothing beats the comfort and security of home. When it comes to data, this should be no different.

At UpCloud, we ensure top-tier data security for businesses operating within Europe with our ISO 27001 certification and compliance with the CISPE Code of Conduct.

Grow your business with peace of mind – choose cloud close to home!

Why UpCloud

Modern cloud

Offering Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Managed Kubernetes, Managed Databases and more, spanning four continents and 13 data centres.

More for less

Enjoy transparent pricing with up to 70% off hyper vendors, ensuring an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio.

Unmatched performance

Designed for business-critical workloads, low latency and SLA assurance, backed by 24/7/365 real-time support for reliable performance.

Ultimate European alternative

How does UpCloud approach customer data security and safety?

Data residency

Customers are in control of the data they store in our cloud infrastructure and, with data residency, customer data is always stored in the country and data centre they select through the UpCloud control panel. We will not move data without customer’s requests. Governed by GDPR and Finnish and European data privacy laws and regulations, we are committed to helping customers seamlessly achieve their compliance objectives in this field.

Benefits of European cloud service provider

European Data Regulation

Europe boasts the world’s most robust data protection regulations, including GDPR and upcoming NIS2, the Data Act and more. With UpCloud, customers benefit from a cloud infrastructure provider that is governed by these rigorous laws, ensuring the utmost protection for your data.

No Data Offshoring

With UpCloud, your data can reside in the country of your choosing and our systems and operations are based in Europe. This means that not only is it protected by European regulations, but it’s also protected against unauthorised legal requests from other jurisdictions that might want to access your data.

Data access, retention and cooperation

Customers control their data, server storage location and determine the retention period – your data, your rules.

World-wide access to low latency services

Cloud close to home

Secure your operations with UpCloud!

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