We at UpCloud are continually developing and upgrading our infrastructure and services to improve our offerings and bring new features. The changelogs here list updates to the services and features, infrastructure upgrades, and API changes to give an overview of what’s changed and when.

Service and infrastructure updates


Launched Managed Databases for OpenSearch 2023-05-11

Launched Managed Kubernetes 2023-04-26

Open Beta for Managed Kubernetes 2023-03-15

Launched NAT Gateway 2023-02-20

Changed from USD to EUR as the base currency 2023-01-01


Launched Managed Redis Database service 2022-11-30

Launched High CPU and High Memory Cloud Server plans 2022-10-25

Enabled Hot Resizing for Cloud Servers 2022-06-29

Introduced UpCloud Managed Load Balancer 2022-03-30


Reduced pricing in AU-SYD1 data centre 2021-12-09

Introduced UpCloud Managed Databases 2021-06-15

Launched UpCloud Command-Line Interface 2021-04-29

Launched AU-SYD1 data centre 2021-03-25

UpCloud Verified Terraform provider 2021-01-28


Introduced Network Transfer Pool 2020-11-01

Opened PL-WAW1 data centre 2020-10-30

Launched UpCloud Object Storage 2020-10-22

Opened ES-MAD1 data centre 2020-10-20

Published Plesk Cloud Server template 2020-10-01

Launched US-NYC1 data centre 2020-07-23

Introduced SDN Router open beta 2020-07-06

Launched Storage Import 2020-07-06

Introduced Metadata service 2020-03-30

Lowered outbound data transfer pricing 2020-03-27

Launched Simple Backup plans 2020-03-13


Began rolling out SDN upgrade and related features 2019-10-16

Announced Private Cloud 2019-07-25

Public network interfaces upgraded to 1Gbps 2019-04-15


Launched UpCloud’s new website and control panel 2018-11-21

HDD made available in Singapore 2018-11-15

Launched the US-SJO1 data centre 2018-08-15

Increased the minimum server memory to 1GB 2018-07-15

Introduced multi-core CPU topology options 2018-06-15

Announced PayPal support for payment 2018-04-30

Launched new Simple plans and pricing 2018-03-01

Launched the FI-HEL2 data centre 2018-01-11


Introduced new larger preconfigured plans 2017-11-17

Announced the user referral rewards program 2017-11-07

Launched 24/7 support 2017-06-27

Launched the NL-AMS1 data centre 2017-03-13

Launched the SG-SIN1 data centre 2017-02-20

Announcing multi-currency payments 2017-02-01


Announced initialization scripts 2016-07-04

Added support for SSH keys 2016-07-04

Increased per cloud server resource limits 2016-07-04

Added support for two-factor authentication  2016-01-27


Introduced group accounts 2015-11-10

Launched server tagging 2015-11-10

Launched the DE-FRA1 data centre 2015-07-01

Announced Preconfigured Cloud Servers 2015-05-26

Lowered pricing in Helsinki 2015-05-26

Changed from EUR to USD based pricing 2015-05-21

Increased public network port speeds to 500 Mbps 2015-04-30

Announced IPv6 support 2015-04-02

Introduced the support documentation pages 2015-03-05

Launched Cloud Concierge Service 2015-01-16


Launched the US-CHI1 data centre 2014-11-18

Launched the MaxIOPS storage technology 2014-10-23

Increased resource limits to 10 CPUs and 64GB of memory 2014-05-30

Lowered the pricing in the UK-LON1 data centre 2014-03-06


Lowered data transfer pricing 2013-09-19

Launched SSD storage option 2013-02-21


Launched the new backup service 2012-10-15


The full version history can be found in the UpCloud API documentation.

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