Updated on 24.5.2023

API documentation

UpCloud API documentation is available in English in HTML format.

UpCloud enables server resource management easily and conveniently using the UpCloud Control Panel. The user-friendly control panel is well suited to the most common purposes. However, if you want more sophisticated and automated resource management, traditional UIs are ill-suited. In such a case, it is much more efficient to use the UpCloud API.


The UpCloud API suits many uses, and with the comprehensive API documentation, it can be easily used programmatically for handling routine tasks such as deploying servers, scaling, changing settings, and supporting larger distributed control systems. The UpCloud control panel itself employs the API which ensures that all of the features of the UpCloud service now and in the future will also be available through the API.

Getting started

Adopting the API does not incur any additional costs.

We recommend setting up a new workspace member account specifically for API usage with its own username and password for each external service you might use. This allows you to limit API access and specify permissions for increased security.

You can find detailed instructions on how to create API credentials and get started in our beginner’s guide for UpCloud API.

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