How to get started with UpCloud WHMCS module

Janne Ruostemaa

  1. Hi,

    I interested to use this official module for WHMCS to resell your service, but i need to ensure this module have the following features or not?

    – Both Admin and Client has Complete Access on Servers to Reboot, View Assigned IPs, Setup RDNS
    – Both Admin and Client have access to View Datatraffic, Server Login Information, Server Information, VNC Information
    – Admin Can do Start/Stop, Suspend/Unsuspend, Reboot/Terminate the server
    – Admin can do Assign/Release of Additional IP Address, Server Import as WHMCS Server
    – Auto Created Server on First Payment Receive from Customer and Auto Suspend on Bandwidth Overusage
    – Client will get Bandwidth Notification on 95% of usage


  2. I get the following error when I try to accept an order (after completing this installation tutorial):
    Module Create Failed – Service ID: 1 – Error: The request body contains an unknown attribute vnc.

    Google does not help and log files don’t show anything.

  3. Hi Janne, thanks for the update.

    So in other words, currently it does not work, we should wait for the update?

  4. Michael Robinson

    Shouldn’t there be a webhook file someplace so whmcs can communicate with Stripe?

    Also, when I click on test connection, the indicator just spins without connecting. Is that because my whmcs is installed on a server in a different datacenter?

  5. is there a way to add floating ip address and back ups as configurable items?

  6. thanks please keep my updated it would be good to see this integration, Thanks.

  7. Can you add client area screenshots please

  8. I’ve been testing the module and it does work. The problem is it’s pretty much useless because there is no configurable option to allow the client to choose the OS when ordering. Honestly, what was the developer thinking? This is a very basic requirement for placing an order for any server right?

    I know your dev is going to say just create a product for each OS. Well, let’s think about that…

    12 Locations x 10 server sizes x 11 OS options = 1,320 Products. I think you get the point that’s not doable.

  9. leon serfaty

    Hey there!

    Im having issues tryig to integrate this module… Module setting does not display server info. Do you offer any kind of paid development service to properly integrate WHMCS with UpCloud?


  10. Estimate time for new version of whmcs upcloud module?


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