The building blocks for Web3 success

In the ever-evolving landscape of Web3, the need for high-performance, reliable, and cost-effective cloud solutions has never been more apparent.

Scale your Web3 ambitions with UpCloud’s robust infrastructure. Discover our cloud native solutions today!

Why UpCloud

Modern cloud

Offering Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Managed Kubernetes, Managed Databases and more, spanning four continents and 13 data centres.

More for less

Enjoy transparent pricing with up to 70% off hyper vendors, ensuring an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio.

Unmatched performance

Designed for business-critical workloads, low latency and SLA assurance, backed by 24/7/365 real-time support for reliable performance.

Minimise costs, maximise performance

Not only do we optimise cloud costs but we also optimise your time by comparing price and performance for you. Check out how UpCloud fares against industry giants!

Source: Publicly available pricing April 2024

Application Performance

*Storage & CPU performance. Tests conducted in April 2024

Monthly Pricing

* 10x 4 vCPU, 8 GB RAM, 160 GB SSD storage

Our managed services

Modern cloud native tooling available from 13 global datacentres

Managed Kubernetes

Decentralise blockchain infrastructure, including full nodes, archive nodes, or validators, as VMs or with Managed Kubernetes.

Managed OpenSearch

Index relevant on-chain transaction history, block information and metadata with our Managed OpenSearch. 

Managed Databases

Store ephemeral data with our Managed Databases solution which supports Redis®. 

“Thanks to UpCloud MaxIOPS, we have the cloud’s flexibility and Non-Volatile Memory Express’s (NVMe) performance at the same time. The storage performance of our cloud servers improved 10 times compared with other providers we used in the past.”

Ignacio Iglesias Castreño, Co-Founder and CTO of Success Story

Curious to find out more?

Reach out to our team today to find out how UpCLoud is helping Web3 businesses maximise performance and minimise costs!

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