Cloud Hosting
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Flexible and scalable pay-as-you-go cloud hosting services tailored to meet the unique needs of developers and enterprises in Indonesia

1 Million Rupiahs worth of credits to try our services

What we do best

Cloud Servers

Our Cloud Servers offer high-performance and resilient cloud with no upfront costs or commitments required. Create new server instances in seconds and scale existing resources with zero downtime using Hot Resize. Our public cloud has you covered.

Get started quick and easy with the resources you need, then scale up in just a couple of clicks as your business grows. No need to overprovision services with unnecessary capacity.

Cloud Servers come with a number of complimentary services such as firewall, private networking and 24h backups, all ensuring the highest value for money services you can find.

Not sure what will best fit your needs?

Try us with no commitment and start deploying today.

“UpCloud stands out as our preferred choice, offering an impressive balance of cost-effectiveness and performance. Their excellent customer support consistently addresses our needs, making them an exceptional company to partner with.”

Susandi Putra Nasution, Founder & CEO, Jubelio

What kind of businesses
use UpCloud?

Discover just some of the industries utilising UpCloud

Software and Platform providers

Never sacrifice on stability and deploy your services on an infrastructure designed to seamlessly resolve outages.

Hosting providers

UpCloud offers tried and tested outstanding performance, enabling you to provide better page speeds and uptime to end customers.

Digital Agencies

Save time and hassle by deploying development and staging environments to the same cloud as your production services, for both flexibility and scalability.


Make sure your customers get through check-out without delays by building on truly fast cloud servers.

13 Data centres spanning 4 continents

Global reach with UpCloud

Take your business to the next level

Level up the performance of your cloud services by deploying on a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure.

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