Posted on 10.10.2022

How we put customer support at the centre of our business

UpCloud’s world-class technical support is available 24/7/365.

Our single mission at UpCloud is to help our customers, which is why we provide 24/7/365 personal customer service. Our priority is to help customers solve any technical challenges fast, giving you back the time and headspace that you need, in order to focus on what you do best – growing your business!

“Most of our customers are businesses of different sized. We support everyone from single developers up to large corporations who rely on UpCloud to keep their services running. They span across industries and regions, from e-commerce and digital agencies to hosting providers. No matter who our customer is, our great service culture is our secret weapon to helping customers scale.”

Arttu Uskali, Head of Support at UpCloud

UpCloud’s in-house support team is what makes us different from other cloud providers – our team operates on three key principles of reliability, performance, and great service culture.

Our support specialists are a highly trained, diverse team of engineers working from across the world. They serve our global customer base using the follow-the-sun model. This allows us to support customers 24/7/365 in all time zones, while protecting our teams’ well-being, and at the same time maximising their responsiveness and availability.

Customers can connect with the team by live chat or email, and are always guaranteed a human response in less than 90 seconds. That’s how we maintain an exceptional customer satisfaction rate of 95%.

At UpCloud, we have a deep understanding of different infrastructural requirements and use cases. Our teams keep up with the latest technologies and trends so we can deliver the highest level of expertise and support to our customers as technology progresses. They can help customers with cloud migrations, troubleshooting, maintenance and more.

“We have brought together awesome and talented people from around the world. Everyone in the team has access to education and training, and we actively encourage our people to obtain industry-recognised certifications. We embrace ‘top hat’ culture, meaning that we are polite and curious customer support.”

Samir Haliru, Support Training Manager at UpCloud.

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