Blog Hola ES-MAD1! New data centre opened in Madrid

Hola ES-MAD1! New data centre opened in Madrid

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We’re happy to bring the newest addition to our European data centres. Located in Madrid, Spain, it’s our first data centre in Southern Europe. The new data centre is already available for deploying servers. You can find our Madrid data centre at your UpCloud Control Panel as ES-MAD1.

The capital of Spain has recently experienced rapid growth in the field of technology. Today, Madrid is the city with the seventh-highest number of software developers in Europe.

Opening of the Madrid data centre is the first step in our further expansion to our Spanish-speaking users in Europe and Latin America”, says UpCloud’s founder and CTO Joel Pihlajamaa.

Madrid data centre ES-MAD1 fully on AMD EPYC

The data centre is running fully on the AMD EPYC processor architecture. The new breed of server processors sets a higher standard for data centres with more CPU cores and increased performance on virtually all workloads. We have already been deploying EPYC hardware to our other data centres to run alongside the existing Intel Xeon hosts. However, since the launch of our US-NYC1, all our new data centres run fully on EPYC.

Just like our other data centres, the ES-MAD1 complies with the highest operational and security standards. Moreover, the new Interxion MAD3 facility uses 100% renewable energy, as certified by the Spanish National Market and Competition Commission (CNMC). 

More European openings underway

Opening of the new Madrid data centre is a part of our global growth plan. It is being fueled by the €18 million investment secured at the beginning of 2020. By the end of 2021, you can look forward to three brand new sites in Europe and six more in various regions around the world!

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