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Free cloud migration for our new SMB business customers

UpCloud migration

Migrating servers or the whole infrastructure from one cloud provider to another may require time and money. This might be one of the crucial decisive factors. Especially in the current economic situation, when every penny saved counts. We want to help you with that by offering a 2-month free cloud migration period. The offer is available to all new customers whose infrastructure costs on UpCloud will exceed $500 per month.

“We understand there may be SMB businesses looking to optimise their workloads with a more suitable cloud provider during these challenging times. We would like to offer a helping hand for those looking to migrate to UpCloud, be it for better performance, reliability or our friendly pricing,” says UpCloud’s CEO Antti Vilpponen. 

Cloud migration with no service costs

During the free cloud migration period, we charge you no service costs. Therefore, you can focus only on the migration of your data and infrastructure without having to worry about the costs arising from using two different service providers. 

With UpCloud, you may deploy or migrate any virtual machines (Linux or Windows) from any existing cloud provider or from on-premise. You may bring over eCommerce sites, WordPress sites, business applications, cloud storage, or anything else that can be run in the cloud. 

What do you get in return?

After migrating to UpCloud, you get to fully benefit from our high-performing cloud servers and storages. Your hosting will rapidly improve with UpCloud’s unrivalled performance, advanced networking capabilities, and fast network connectivities. On top of that, our 24/7 live support is always ready to help you.

Apply for our 2-month free cloud migration period

During the free cloud migration, you can focus on the migration work and use UpCloud’s services for free. Read more and apply for the free cloud migration here.

You can also check our guide on why to migrate on Upcloud here.

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