Posted on 30.3.2022

Introducing Managed Load Balancer to simplify the complexities of resilience

UpCloud Managed Load Balancer

Load balancing is a true and tested method of building resilience and improving system throughput. However, it might not be quite that easy to implement or maintain for everyone, until now. To help anyone create a state-of-art frontend for their cloud services, we are excited to unveil a new carefree way to build resilience. Today we are launching our brand new Managed Load Balancer!

Introducing UpCloud Managed Load Balancer

UpCloud Managed Load Balancer empowers you to effortlessly build resilience and increase application throughput with a simple yet flexible configuration. It enables you to quickly plug in new backend resources and scale up the capabilities of your application. All done via an intuitive Control Panel without needing to access the command line or configuration files.

As a managed service, we developed Load Balancer to greatly simplify one of the most widely used cloud services. The easy-to-use UpCloud Control Panel helps you set up quick and easy with guided steps. or use our fully-featured API for both HTTP(S) and TCP applications.

Managed Load Balancer comes at launch with two plans, Development and Production. As the names indicate, each work best for their specific uses. The Development plan includes a single node Load Balancer service at an affordable cost. It’s ideal for building a proof-of-concept or developing new applications.

In contrast, the Production plan runs on two high-availability nodes eliminating the single-point-of-failure and greatly increasing concurrent connections, up to 50,000 per node. Furthermore, service critical applications can trust the dual-node Load Balancer availability even through maintenance thanks to the rolling update schedule.

Building for simplicity

Managed Load Balancer is our next managed service following up on our highly popular Managed Databases. Both are built to take advantage of our powerful and highly resilient cloud infrastructure meaning stress-free operations on both the front and backend of your production services. Together these two products demonstrate our clear goal to build a platform of managed services that empower our customers to quickly develop new applications and services without needing to reinvent the wheel at every turn.

Besides the core services of the Managed Load Balancer, we are also bringing out a complimentary SSL certificate manager. It allows you to dynamically obtain SSL certificates or upload your existing certificates to easily enable HTTPS to secure connectivity to your Load Balancer.

Getting started

Managed Load Balancer launched today in open beta and is already available to everyone on UpCloud via your Control Panel or API. Learn more about Managed Load Balancer and start developing your load distribution today by following our new tutorial.

Check the features and options that can help you make the most of your cloud infrastructure. Load Balancer will also be supported by our Terraform provider integration soon so stay tuned for future updates!

Janne Ruostemaa


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