Managed Databases

Deploy your next database hassle-free, supported by expert configuration and maintenance. Managed Databases currently support MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis®* and OpenSearch databases.

Introducing Managed Databases for OpenSearch

Get started with Managed Databases for OpenSearch and receive your first 2 weeks of usage on us!

Simple, secure, scalable

Exceptional advantages

Quick and easy to deploy

No more need for an army of administrators and developers to take care of your systems. Setting up your UpCloud Managed Database cluster is a piece of cake!

Free of manual maintenance

UpCloud Managed Databases take away the burden of maintenance. Delegate the mundane tasks to professionals and spend your valuable time more productively, growing your business!

Lower total cost of ownership

Save your business resources by spending your valuable time on what matters lowering the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of your database services.

Managed Databases can be deployed with the following database management systems

Database systems

UpCloud Managed Databases for OpenSearch

Managed Databases for OpenSearch

OpenSearch is an open-source distributed search and analytics suite. Powered by the Apache Lucene search library, OpenSearch offers a vendor-agnostic toolset you can use to build secure, high-performance, cost-efficient applications, from real-time application monitoring to website search functionality.

Why OpenSearch?

  • Log management: storage, retrieval, analysis
  • Application search
  • Document storage & retrieval: orders, receipts, records
  • Application performance monitoring/observability

Uniquely simple

Standing apart from the competition

Simply scalable

Scale your databases horizontally and vertically, whenever required. UpCloud Managed Databases easily fit your business needs. Start development on a single node, scale up when proceeding to production with zero downtime!

Highly available

Clustered with automated failover, monitored day and night, Managed Databases are covered by our signature 100% uptime SLA. Rest assured your databases are always available.

Secure by design

Secure access to your database for your Cloud Servers via the private UpCloud Utility network enabled by default. Support for multi-zone or even multi-cloud connectivity over the public network while limiting the allowed connection by IP addresses.

Automated backups

All UpCloud Managed Database plans include off-site stored, automated, encrypted backups. 1, 2, and 3 node clusters provide 1, 7 or 14 days of backups respectively allowing a consistent Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR) to any minute in the backups.

Managed Database pricing

MySQL and PostgreSQL plans

Scales as needed

UpCloud Managed Databases are offered in 2 and 3 node clusters as well as single-node configurations with a multitude of resource plans for every need.

Choose the number of nodes, then select your database resource plan. Easily scale the Managed Database later by simply choosing a new plan.

MemoryCoresStoragePITR backup daysPrice
2 GB125 GB1€30/mo
4 GB250 GB1€60/mo
4 GB2100 GB1€75/mo

Redis plans

Configuration for every use case

Pick the number of database nodes you want and then choose the required system resources for your usecase.

MemoryCoresBackup daysPrice
2 GB12€50/mo
4 GB22€90/mo
8 GB22€110/mo
14 GB22€160/mo
28 GB42€300/mo
56 GB82€580/mo
112 GB162€1160/mo

Seize the advantage

Higher performance, premium cloud service with 100% uptime SLA and 24/7 live in-house support.

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Managed Database is a carefree database-as-a-service for running well-known open-source databases in the cloud. Built on high availability, Managed Databases provide a secure way to store application data.

* Redis is a registered trademark of Redis Ltd. Any rights therein are reserved to Redis Ltd. Any use by UpCloud is for referential purposes only and does not indicate any sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation between Redis and UpCloud.

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