Software defined networking

Get more control, elasticity, and security for your cloud infrastructure. Utilising software-defined networking, you can create and configure new flexible private networks to shape your cloud connectivity.

SDN benefits

What is software-defined networking

Software-defined networking, or SDN for short, is a technological approach to network management that enables dynamic, programmatically created network configurations. SDN features focus on providing improved network performance and capabilities while decoupling the network configuration from the physical infrastructure much like cloud computing has done for traditional hosting.



Benefits of software-defined networking

Utilising software-defined networking, you can expect to be able to create and configure new flexible private L2/L3 networks to shape your cloud connectivity.

Configure custom private networks

Using SDN, you’ll be able to create and configure new custom private networks like never before. Shape your private networking exactly as you want to securely connect your cloud servers. Software-defined networking also enables many other features such as easily configurable floating IPs. See below for more great features to come in the near future.



Our SDN features are available globally in all of our data centres. SDN allows you to configure private networks between any cloud servers within each of these data centres.

Unlimited real production-grade private networks

Now it is possible to build multiple production-grade private networks between your cloud servers with more granular control. With SDN you can create as many networks as needed and attach it to only the servers required.

Isolate network environments utilising firewalls

You can separate individual private networks by creating isolated environments within zones and only allowing traffic through a cloud server acting as a firewall and router.

Connect to your UpCloud networks over VPN

Join your private networks with any internet-connected networks securely over a VPN. Freely configure any connected cloud server to act as a VPN endpoint for your private network.

Define own private IP addressing schemes

Use your own private IP address ranges. These IPs can be distributed automatically by using DHCP or manually by attaching static IPs for the cloud servers.

Our backbone network

In our pursuit to offer the best experience and service for our users, we do not want to leave a crucial part of our offering, the network, out of the users’ control. This is why we have built our own backbone network that brings dramatically better connectivity in terms of lower latency and higher throughput than otherwise possible. Our users can enjoy direct connectivity between the data centres, but also better local peering and redundancy through our participation in many Internet Exchange Points.

SDN features

New features

Private networks

Private networks offer unrestricted secure private networking customisable by you. Create isolated environments within zones or allow traffic through a single firewalled router server. Define custom local networks with the IP ranges of your choosing and attaching the static IPs manually or automatically using DHCP. Connect an unlimited number of cloud servers to any private network for no additional cost. The predictable prices remain the same regardless of the number of connected cloud servers or the amount of transferred traffic.

Floating IPs

Floating IPs are special IP addresses that can be transferred from one Cloud Server to another at a moment’s notice without the need to restart the servers. They are extremely useful for failover services on mission-critical functions to ensure high availability. The failover between servers can be done manually at your UpCloud control panel or automated using our API commands.

Utility network

Our utility network is the automatically configured account-wide secure connection between your cloud servers. This automatically configured network remains free of charge and as useful as ever! UpCloud continues to be the only provider to join all your cloud servers with a global truly private network.

Coming soon

Gateway services

Gateway services will allow you to connect your Private networks either inside or between data centres. Take your Private networks global.

VPN services

VPN services are going to enable you to securely connect your networks to any other network on the Internet. Make the cloud an extension of your company network.

Multi-cloud connectivity

Multi-cloud connectivity will bring together all of your cloud providers. Join your cloud servers into a single unified environment.

Load balancing

Load balancing services will distribute traffic between cloud servers with simple configure options. Easily build redundancy and high availability with little to no effort.


SDN features offer powerful tools at an affordable cost

The new flexible Private networks are simply priced per network. Connect an unlimited number of cloud servers to any private network with no additional cost.

The easily estimable prices are the same regardless of:

  • How many cloud servers are connected.
  • How much traffic is transferred.

Private networks are deployed per zone, so networks in different locations are billed individually.

Floating IPs while a league above the regular public IPs are still priced the same. Create as many floating IPs as you need and retain the same floating IP address even while not attached to any cloud server.

per network

Private networks

$5 / mo

per IP

Floating IPs

$2.42 / mo

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