Blog Network Transfer Pool upgraded – Full freedom for using transfer quotas!

Network Transfer Pool upgraded – Full freedom for using transfer quotas!

Network Transfer Pool featured

Last month, we announced our plans to bring new freedoms with the introduction of Network Transfer Pool and have been happy to see the enthusiasm and positivity for the announcement. However, we also received feedback from users concerned over fluctuating and seasonal network usage which might cause more excess charges under the new model.

To be able to take in all the feedback and rework the feature to even better serve you, our users, we decided to postpone the feature launch. Now after a month of meticulous reworking, we are ready to announce the new and improved Network Transfer Pool.

Update: Network Transfer Pool is now live!

Re-introducing Network Transfer Pool!

Earlier this year, we lowered the excess data transfer pricing considerably. The reduction of the price brought the cost of outbound transfer to just $0.01 per GB outside transfer quotas. With the launch of Network Transfer Pool, we want to make even the occasional excess charge unlikely to most of our users by allowing your UpCloud services to share their quotas!

Network Transfer Pool, as the name suggests, combines all transfer quotas included in all UpCloud public cloud products and services you use into a single account-wide transfer pool. This includes all traffic quotas across all data centres covering all current Cloud Servers as well as any future products that might contain quotas for outgoing transfer.

The goal of the pooling is to enable you to take full advantage of your transfer quotas regardless of which services generates the network transfer. And the best part? There are no hourly rate limits!

How Network Transfer Pool is defined:

  • All transfer quotas included with your public cloud services in all data centres are collected into the transfer pool.
  • All existing public cloud services contribute to the pool regardless of whether they are running or shut down.
  • If a resource instance exists for less than a full calendar month, it will contribute proportionally according to the number of hours it existed during the calendar month reaching the full quota in 28 days.
  • The transfer pool operates on the main account level and combines all transfer quotas including services deployed by any subaccounts.

How it is used:

  • You can use all of your UpCloud services exactly as you please, including network transfer, with no hourly limits.
  • You can monitor your combined outbound transfer usage at your UpCloud Control Panel or via the UpCloud API.
  • At the turn of the calendar month, the total earned quota from all resources is counted towards your total outbound transfer usage.
  • Outbound network transfer exceeding the combined Network Transfer Pool is billed at $0.01 per GB.
  • Network Transfer Pool is then reset for the next calendar month.

Network Transfer Pool usage in October

All of your cloud services which include transfer quota share the combined Network Transfer Pool allowing greater flexibility in service configurations. No longer will the transfer quotas of your database and other backend servers be left unutilised while the frontend or load balancers exceed their individual quotas. And as always, all transfers within SDN Private Networks and the Utility network remain unlimited and free of charge.

Learn more in our network documentation.

Update: Network Transfer Pool is now live!

4 thoughts on “Network Transfer Pool upgraded – Full freedom for using transfer quotas!

  1. Wow, finally. I didn’t notice this until someone referring this to me. I stay with other who does this because I only get 2-3 server that had a lot bandwidth while the other just idle without internet traffic, because I use internal network.

    time to testing this feature for 1-2 month before deciding

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