Blog Welcome to Poland PL-WAW1! We’re opening a new data centre in Warsaw

Welcome to Poland PL-WAW1! We’re opening a new data centre in Warsaw

PL-WAW1 Warsaw DC UpCloud Illustration

Europe is one of UpCloud’s most significant markets. And even though we’re constantly expanding to different regions in the world, we don’t want to neglect our European customers. After the recent openings of our data centres in New York and Madrid, we are coming to Poland!

The PL-WAW1 in Warsaw is our 11th data centre and 7th in Europe. It is situated in brand new and modern facilities of Equinix WA3 data centre opened in March 2020. It features the same extraordinary reliability and resilience as all our data centres and it’s known for vast amount of connectivity providers. The highest reliability and security standards go without saying.

“We wanted to open an availability zone specifically in Warsaw, since we have seen so many incredible companies coming from there. We’d like to support them even more by bringing the new data centre closer,” says UpCloud’s founder and CTO Joel Pihlajamaa.

PL-WAW1 is 100% renewable

We at UpCloud believe in future-proof and sustainable development. Therefore we’re really happy that once fully completed, the entire data centre platform will be supplied with 100% renewable energy from the wind.

The Warsaw data centre is, of course, running fully on the AMD EPYC processor architecture, the new breed of server processors with more CPU cores and increased performance on virtually all workloads.

The PL-WAW1 is now ready for deploying servers from your UpCloud Control Panel!

Our expansion is just in the beginning

Our international growth, enabled by the recent €18 million investment secured in January 2020, doesn’t end here. Throughout 2020-21, we’re launching in total ten new data centres around the globe.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Poland PL-WAW1! We’re opening a new data centre in Warsaw

  1. The routing isn’t great at this location, Kyiv more than 40 ms, even Warsaw (Orange) 38 ms

    1. Hi there, thanks for the comment. The latency you are seeing is likely due to third party network providers. We are seeing much lower response times from our locations and you should also see improvements as the network in the region develops further.

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