Blog UpCloud Launches Partnership Program to Ease Transition to Cloud

UpCloud Launches Partnership Program to Ease Transition to Cloud

PRESS RELEASE. Finnish infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider UpCloud has launched a partnership program to ease transition to cloud of companies from different industries. UpCloud offers hourly billed infrastructure services from its Helsinki and London facilities. The opening of the US facility will expand geographical reach further this coming Spring.

Secure and agile transition to cloud

Antti Vilpponen, General Manager of UpCloud states, “many software companies are in touch with us due to the Snowden revelations. These companies are justifiably concerned for their customers’ data and privacy. We want to provide a service where companies can trust Finnish and European legislation, wherever they host their data. In addition, we are launching our partnership program so that end customers can order these services through their existing partners.”

Nordcloud, a Finnish company operating in the Nordics offering cloud infrastructure automation and administration services, has already become a partner in the program. Nordcloud’s customers are companies from all industries who want to leverage the cloud in their business.

“UpCloud is a true alternative for all companies, who have a need for a trustworthy and competitively priced cloud platform,” Esa Kinnunen, CEO, Nordcloud.

Wunderkraut has been one of the first wide-scale partners in the new program. They have built services on UpCloud for companies such as Nelonen Media, Marimekko and Uusi Suomi.

“We demand a lot from cloud infrastructure providers. The service needs to be easy to manage, offer high availability, be scalable and of course competitively priced. UpCloud has surprised us with their quality and attitude”, Joonas Kiminki, CEO, Wunderkraut.

In addition to Nordcloud and Wunderkraut, UpCloud has around a dozen partners from mid-sized software companies to publicly traded multinationals.

UpCloud’s partners enjoy multiple benefits in the areas of service use and sales. In addition, UpCloud develops itsĀ service in close co-operation with the partners based on their feedback.

UpCloud’s cloud infrastructure service was launched in Finland in May 2012 and opened for international customers in March 2013. In addition to geographic expansion, the company will bring many new features and additions to its service, including the most high-performance and redundant storage system available on the market.

There’s a lot of demand for fresh thinking in the industry as UpCloud’s revenue more than tripled in 2013.
More information available on UpCloud’s Reseller and Partnership Program through [email protected].


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