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Managed Databases for PostgreSQL- Developer’s dream

Are you tired of losing sleep over PostgreSQL database management?

Enter UpCloud’s hassle-free, fully Managed PostgreSQL service, designed to take the load off developers.

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Simple, secure, scalable

Benefits of Managed PostgreSQL

Always Up-to-Date

With UpCloud, you get access to the latest PostgreSQL version without breaking a sweat. No more manual updates or worrying about falling behind on critical features. It’s automatic and seamless to ensure you’re always running on the cutting edge.

Flexible Scaling

Need to scale your database up or down? With UpCloud, it’s as simple choosing a new plan. No need to dive into complex configurations or worry about downtime. Whether your application is booming or experiencing a quiet spell, your database scales with your needs.

Rich Extension Ecosystem

Say goodbye to hunting down and integrating extensions. UpCloud’s Managed PostgreSQL service comes with 70+ extensions right out of the box. From enhanced data types to specialised indexing, empower your database with the tools you need effortlessly.

Automated Backups and Failover

Sleep soundly, knowing your data is safe. UpCloud’s Managed Databases includes automated backup solutions and built-in failover mechanisms. Your data is secured, and failover ensures uninterrupted service in the rare event of an issue. DevOps made easy.

Seizing the opportunity

How to get started

Getting started

Create your UpCloud account and set up your Managed PostgreSQL instance with a few clicks. No more wrestling with server configurations—focus on your code and let UpCloud handle the backend.

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Reasons to Choose Managed Databases for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL showcases versatility of and how it can be tailored to many use cases

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Tutorials and Documentation


How to enable PostgreSQL connection pool using UpCloud API

PostgreSQL connection pool allows you to serve a large number of client connections to Managed Databases while reducing resource usage.


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Terraform offers a great way to build your cloud infrastructure as code from start to finish, including UpCloud Managed Databases!

Managed Databases

UpCloud Managed Database is a database-as-a-service offering a carefree option for running well-known open-source databases in the cloud. It is deployable via the users’ UpCloud Control Panel with configuration options including the choice of database management systems, clustered or single-node systems, and a number of resource plans. Managed Databases are available in every UpCloud data […]

Find out more about Managed Databases for PostgreSQL

Learn about the ins and outs of Managed Databases for PostgreSQL in our Documentation.

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