Blog Get a 30% Bonus With All Deposits Until December 20th

Get a 30% Bonus With All Deposits Until December 20th

Get 30% Bonus on all DepositsWe’re celebrating a successful year with some bonuses – available for all new and existing customers. We pay the bonus to all customer deposits by the 23rd of December. You will receive an e-mail from us on that day with a notification about the bonus. The bonus will be 30% in addition to your deposit.

Also, there is no upper limit on your deposit and bonus you can get from us!

Example: You deposit 100 euros to your account today with your credit card. UpCloud will pay 30% bonus on the deposit, by the 23rd of December, so you will receive an extra 30 euros. UpCloud will e-mail you once the bonus deposit has been made. If you decide to deposit additional funds, you will receive the bonus for them as well, if they are made by December 20th.

Here’s what you need to do to get the deposit.

New customers

You need to sign-up to UpCloud and follow through with the registration process. Make sure you activate your account as well.

Once you have activated your account – make a deposit to your account by going to “My Account” and submitting the required details. Then, choose the method of payment and sum of payment. Once you have completed through with the payment, UpCloud will pay a deposit to the account after the campaign period has ended, but by December 23rd.

Existing customers

As you have probably already made a deposit to your account, you are familiar with the process. All you need to do is, to be eligible for the bonus, is to make a deposit between the 9th of December and 20th of December. We will pay a 30% bonus on the payment after the campaign has ended but by the 23rd of December.


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