Blog Announcing US-SJO1: Welcome to Silicon Valley! New data centre launched in San José

Announcing US-SJO1: Welcome to Silicon Valley! New data centre launched in San José

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Welcome to Silicon Valley! Today we are announcing the expansion into a new region with the launch of our new data centre US-SJO1, located in San Jose, California!

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US-SJO1 is situated in the economic and cultural centre of the famous technology capital Silicon Valley. We believe this to be a great location for many fast-growing startups and enterprises looking for a reliable provider of high-performance cloud computing with a competitive price-performance ratio.

Deploy your cloud servers in Silicon Valley data centre today, by signing up for a free trial or logging in to your control panel. You can, as always, also use our simple but powerful API in addition to the many open source API clients available on GitHub.

Expanding availability in the US

This marks our eight data centre worldwide and our second data centre located in the US-region, joining US-CHI1 in Chicago. We also recently opened up our fourth office, this time in Seattle, to ensure that our excellent technical support is available in every region and around the clock. As we continue building our team and infrastructure, you, our users can expect the awesome performance with even greater availability!

Like always, we would love to hear your thoughts and experiences about the new data centre. While San Jose is our latest zone, it will certainly not be the last. We’ve already set our sights on new possible locations and welcome any feedback and requests by tweeting @UpCloud!

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