Blog COVID-19: UpCloud actions regarding the Coronavirus pandemic

COVID-19: UpCloud actions regarding the Coronavirus pandemic

Operational security

We at UpCloud have been closely following the global developments around the COVID-19 pandemic and want to reassure our users of continued operational security.

We’ve taken and will continue to take all necessary actions to safeguard our users’ business operations while maintaining the safety of our employees.

All of our business operations will continue as usual and we will maintain our high-quality service level to our users from our 8 global data centres.

To safeguard our employees and limit the overall spread of the virus, we have initiated a fully remote work policy throughout our offices in Helsinki, London, Seattle and Singapore. All non-essential business travel is also prohibited.

Availability and support during the COVID-19 pandemic

We will continue to provide our users with 24/7 support operating from three different continents.

Our cloud platform has been designed to be managed in a highly distributed fashion with operations teams working independently from several different continents.

The UpCloud infrastructure-as-a-service provides self-service hosting of which operations are completely automated at our end. Physical interaction is very rarely needed for user operations.

During early 2020, we’ve been increasing the amount of capacity available to our users to ensure we can support our users in the coming months.

Going forward

Established in 2012, UpCloud is a profitable business, and with our recent 18M€ funding, we are able to continue to invest heavily in supporting our users and developing our services.

The pandemic has been highly challenging to many businesses, however, the current situation won’t cause us to deviate from our long term goals. We will continue our growth plans by investing in building new services, hiring world-class talent, although fully remote to start with, and onboarding new businesses.

Stay safe,
Team UpCloud

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