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Posted on 21.11.2018

Never become yet another

cloud infrastructure


UpCloud was founded on the principle of offering developers and businesses around the world superior products, that are designed by an exceptionally talented team and catered through awesome customer service.

We’ve come a long way from a small start-up with big ambitions to a company with amazing customers around the world, a profitable high growth business, an amazing team and we feel like we’re only getting started.

Today, we have 4 offices, 8 data centres and the honour to serve users from more than 135 countries around the world. We’ve never lost our sight on our original goal since our founding, but we believe it was time for us to shed our skin as well as redefine, redesign and remodel the company on our original mission, vision and values. We’ve also completely redone our website and control panel!

We’re very happy to showcase you the new UpCloud that has been reborn into the international cloud provider company that we already are.

Our new style

We didn’t simply want to start off designing a new website that would be easier to use and more functional – we wanted to start off by defining our visual language. Our new website is now using a completely new design system that we’ve named Phoenix, which we also intend to open source in the future to allow others to quickly create their own design systems.

Our new home

With creating our new visual language, we wanted to make it more consistent and clearer how we want to communicate, but also how we wish others to perceive us. All of this ties nicely to our mission, vision and values as a company.

Your new tools

With the new design, we’ve also rebuilt our control panel from the ground up! This means that using the control panel is now much faster, easier and intuitive. Not only have we polished the interface, but we have also rebuilt the underlying technology to enable us to launch new features and products faster in the future.

Your new control panel

We’re thrilled of the path ahead of us, but also very proud of our roots and heritage. We originally set out to build something different, not just another cloud infrastructure provider. All of this still holds true.

Never become yet another.

Antti Vilpponen

  1. This looks a lot like Vultr now.. did they ‘inspire’ you at all??

  2. There are usually some similarities between any two cloud providers that you compare with, considering we often overlap a bit with our userbases! But we of course do get inspired by our competitors, as we all do. A bit of healthy competition is good for everyone, especially the users! We feel we have something very different to offer with our own developed technology, which we think gives us a bit of an edge against the competition.

  3. Muhammad Rehan

    I was surfing on the internet and I found your blog on Google and I really liked the stuff that you are dealing with. However, I was just wondering that Does your server only supports wordpress website or is it sustainable enough with other Programing languages or framework. Actually, I am an affiliate blogger and I have my website hosted on the managed version of linode hosting server which is being powered by Cloudways and most of my websites are hosted on magento.
    So, I want to give UpCloud a try to see if you have some good offerings.

  4. Janne Ruostemaa

    Hi Muhammad, thanks for the comment. To answer your question, UpCloud is an infrastructure-as-a-service provider. As pure infrastructure, our cloud servers will work with any framework or programming language you can install on Linux or Windows. Magento also works great on UpCloud, in fact, better than on other cloud providers. We’ve done some benchmarking on it :)

  5. Currently, I am updating an article on best Magento hosting providers which has been published on magenticians.com. Till now, I have not mentioned UpCloud in the artilce. Perhaps, I should reconsider it since. As, I have read the benchmarking that you have done with other top tier Magento hosting providers.

  6. Janne Ruostemaa

    Hi there, thanks for the comment. We’d be happy to see UpCloud included in your article. We believe our cloud servers offer a noticeable performance increase for Magento sites compared to many of the other providers.

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